Friday August 17, 2018


FROM THE TEACHER: We have been in school for 13 days now and we are settling in nicely. We have been lucky with the weather this week and have been able to go out to the playground every day. It looks like we may have some more rain next week and have to stay inside during recess.

You are now welcome to come and have lunch in the cafeteria with your child if you would like to. On Fridays we eat lunch in our classroom and watch a movie as a reward for a good week. You are welcome to eat with your child in the cafeteria or in our room if you choose to come on Fridays.

ICE CREAM: Just a reminder that Kindergarten students are allowed to purchase ice cream on Friday’s with parent permission.  Ice Cream is $1.00. Your child must have money in their account or you must send in the correct amount on Fridays for them to be able to purchase the ice cream.

JACKETS AND SWEATERS: It is quite chilly in our classroom in the mornings. You may want to send your child with a jacket or sweater to wear here at school. Please remember to mark it with their name.

LANGUAGE ARTS: We are still working on our Zoophonics unit.  We have learned the sounds for the letters a – l in the past few weeks and will continue learning a letter a day until we reach z.  When we complete our Zoophonics unit we will begin at the beginning of the alphabet and spend more time on each letter.

MATH: We are currently working on our numbers 0 – 10.  The students will learn the number, the number word and how to count with one to one correspondence. We will continue to work on this unit next week. We also participate in number talks each day to help the students better understand how numbers work.  Students will need to be able to count to 50 by the end of the first nine weeks. You can help by having them practice this skill at home.  

INTEGRATED STUDIES:  This week we have been working on a unit about the American flag, the Georgia flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. Next week we will start a unit about community helpers. 

Have a great weekend

Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Palmer

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