Fri, Sept 21, 2018

News From Room 105

FROM THE TEACHER: We have been very busy here in our classroom working to complete the required academics for this first nine weeks. We have 2 weeks after we come back until the end of this nine week period. Just a reminder that there will be no school next week as it is our September break.

FIELD TRIP: Just a reminder that the permission slip and money for our upcoming field trip to Petite Farms on Oct 10th is due after the break.

 CLASS T-SHIRTS: Our class t-shirts have arrived. We tried them out during Learning is Fun Time today and will hang on to them to wear on our first field trip. We will then send them home. We ask that your child wear their shirt every Friday throughout the school year and on field trips. If you visit our school on a Friday you will notice that one class in each grade level has the same color shirt as ours. We all belong to same house and will complete with the other color houses to have the best behavior.

 LANGUAGE ARTS: We have spent the week reviewing the letters “r” and “s”. We will be repeating the alphabet over the next few months out of alphabetical order. Next week we will practice the letters “t” & “g”. Please continue to work with your child at home if they don’t know all of the letters or sounds yet.  Knowing the letters and sounds plays a very important role as we learn to read.

We are working to get all of our students on blue or above on our sight word rainbow. As of today 7 students are on blue, 5 are on green and 1 is on yellow. Their goal is to move up the rainbow to the top and then reach for the stars by learning 75 sight words. Please keep practicing the sight words with your child.  We spell and say the words 5 times each here in class each day. We have now added the green words to our classroom word list. The word list is on the back of your child’s folder.

 MATH: We have been working on 3D shapes in our classroom this week. We will continue with 3D shapes for part of the week we return. We will then review our numbers to 10 until the end of this nine weeks. We will then start working on the numbers 11 – 20. We are also counting from 1 – 50 in our class every day to help the students on reach their long term goal of counting to 100.

INTEGRATED STUDIES: We are working on properties of matter here in our classroom. The key to this unit is to teach the children how to use their five senses in discovery. We have talked about the attributes of different objects and sorted them using our five senses. We will use our five senses to discover some of the changes in our outdoors (fall) when we return from the break.

Have a great break!

Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Palmer


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