Friday, November 2, 2018

   News From Room 105

This week flew by and I am sure the next two weeks will do the same. We had a great time this past week learning about pumpkins and gourds. We read a story called Pumpkin Jack, a pumpkin who is left to decompose outside and grow new pumpkins next year. We placed a large gourd on the ground outside our window so that we can watch it decompose. The cool weather is supposed to be back next week and bring us more fall. Just a reminder to parents that unless it is raining we go outside every day. Please make sure that your child comes to school with proper outerwear so that they are able to get out and run around during recess.

Congratulations to all of the students who turned in their reading log. They got to go to the cafeteria to have an ice pop. A new log has been sent for November. You can read 15 books to your child or have them read 15 books over the month of November.

We are in need of magazines or grocery store ads that have food pictures. If you have any to donate we would greatly appreciate it.


Tuesday November 6th is a teacher work day and there will be no school for the students due to voting.

PROGRESS REPORTS: Progress reports will be sent home on the 16th. This will give you a peek at where your child is mid-way through this nine week grading period.

LANGUAGE ARTS: We continued to work on our phonics skills this week. We learned about the letters F and D this week. We practiced writing the letters and how it looks and sounds at the beginning of words. We also worked on sorting letters and pictures.  During readers workshop we have been learning about nonfiction or informational books. Our focus in writing has also been nonfiction and we will be learning and writing about owls next week. Please continue to work on sight words at home.  Students will need to know 25 sight words by the end of the second nine week period.

MATH: We have been reviewing our numbers 11 – 20 this week. We will start a unit on measurement next week.

INTEGRATED STUDIES:  We have been working on a unit about night and day this week as well as where we live. We will learn about Veteran’s Day next week.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Palmer

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