Fri, Apr 19, 2019


We are slowly settling in to our new schedule. It has been hard for the students to wait until the end of the day for recess. We are going to try to take a mini run around recess on the front yard after lunch every day to give them a chance to get some of the energy out.

 Our classroom is chilly most of the day because we are first on the duct line for air conditioning. I understand your child wants to wear shorts to be comfortable outside but please send a jacket or sweater for them to wear in the classroom. Also as per the Cobb County School District dress code students shirts must have a 3 inch span on the straps and shorts should come down to the bottom of your child’s fingertips to be long enough for school.


We have been working on diagraph sounds this week. A diagraph is simply a letter combination that makes a new sound like sh, wh, th, ch. We will be working on the wh and th sounds next week.  Our class is still working hard on reaching the stars in sight words.  Students need to know 75 sight words to get a 3 on their report card by the end of the year. When you reach the stars it means that the student knows 100 sight words. To date Dean, Carly, Jude, Nolan, Blake, Molly, Maggie, Harper, and Cass have reached the stars.


We have been reviewing our math skills this week. This week we were assessing counting on and every student was able to count on from a given number from 1 to 100. I am very proud of the students as this is a hard concept for them to understand. We will review greater than and less than next week. We will also continue to work on addition and subtraction to help the students become more fluent adding and subtracting.

INTEGRATED STUDIES:  We have been working on a unit about plants this week. We are growing grass and doing an experiment with Lima Beans.  We will work on our address again next week and continue our alphabet countdown.



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