Friday, August 23, 2019


FROM THE TEACHER: It seems that the hot hot days of summer are here. It has been a bit cooler this week, so we have been able to go outside for recess in the mornings. I eagerly await the end of summer and the beginning of fall every year as it is my favorite season.

 CONTACT INFORMATION: I can be reached via e-mail at

 FIELD TRIPS: As part of our study of community helpers will be going on a field trip to Publix on August 29th.  We will walk to Publix and take a tour of the store. If you have volunteered to chaperone, please arrive here at 7:45. You will need to check in at the office and you are welcome to come to our classroom.

 KINDERGARTEN T-SHIRT: You still have the opportunity to purchase a kindergarten t-shirt until August 30th.  We wear our shirts on spirit Fridays as well as on field trips and special events. The cost of the shirt is $6.00. If you need a new order form please put a note in your child’s folder.

 LANGUAGE ARTS: We are still working on our Zoophonics unit.  We have learned the sounds for the letters a – o in the past few weeks and will continue learning a letter a day until we reach z.  When we complete our Zoophonics unit we will begin at the beginning of the alphabet and spend more time on each letter.

MATH: We are currently working on our numbers 0 – 10.  The students will learn the number, the number word and how to count with one to one correspondence. We will continue to work on this unit next week by counting everything in sight and writing the numbers.  Students will need to be able to count to 50 by the end of the first nine weeks. You can help by having them practice this skill at home.

 INTEGRATED STUDIES:  This week we have been working on a unit about community helpers. We will learn more about goods and services as we continue with our community helpers unit next week. After Labor Day we will start a unit about maps and globes.  This will be the beginning of a yearlong unit on where we live. We teach a little every nine weeks to help students learn their continent, country, county, city, and street address.

Enjoy some pictures of our work this week.

Friday August 9, 2019

We have had a very busy second week here at Pitner. We have been working hard to learn a new routine and to learn the rules of our classroom.
We have started on our Zoophonics lessons this week and have learned the sounds of the letters a, b, c, d, and e. Ask your child to show you the movement and make the letter sound. We will continue learning a letter a day until we reach z. When we complete our Zoophonics unit we will start at the beginning of the alphabet and spend more time on each letter. We have also been learning about classroom manners this week. We will continue working on this next week.

The address to my blog is You can also go to it by going to our Pitner website and going to the school links, faculty and staff and clicking on my blog link beside my name. I post my newsletter on the blog as well as pictures of students and their work.

Thank you to all of you who have turned in the paperwork from Cobb County and from our classroom. It is so important for us to have the information we ask for to best meet the needs of your child. For those of you who still need to turn in please do so as soon as possible. You do not need to make a donation for the performing arts but we do need you to sign it saying that your child can attend school performances.

I believe that every child needs lots of praise for good behavior. Each morning your child will be given a happy face on the calendar that is in their folder. If your child is having a difficult day and is unable to follow directions, or disrupts our class they will be warned twice and then they will be given a straight face. We always give the students lots of opportunities to change their color back to green. If a student hits or strikes another student, they will be given an unhappy face and the opportunity to change their color back to green is taken away. When a child is able to end the day with a happy face they will be rewarded at the end of each day.

Please let us know of any transportation changes in writing. You are welcome to write the information on the calendar in their folder. If you have a last minute change you can call or fax the change to the office at 678-594-8319. If your child will be a car rider on a regular basis you will need a car tag. If you would like one to keep for special occasion pickups or need more for other family members, please let us know. If you do not have a car tag you will need to come into the school and sign your child out prior to 1:45.

Your child will bring home an orange folder almost every night this year. Inside you will find valuable communications, newsletters, and your child’s class work. Please look in the folder each evening and take out the classwork that is in it, check for communications and return the folder to your child’s book bag so that it comes back to school each morning.

We have lunch at 10:24 every day so it is a very long time until the end of our day. Please make sure that your child has a snack. We only have 10 minutes allotted for a snack so please only send a small snack. I do keep a small amount of snack in the classroom for children who occasionally forget to bring a snack but I do not have enough to provide a snack every day.

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Palmer