Friday, September 6, 2019


We have been in school for 36 days. During the school year we count the days and add a paper clip to create groups of tens till we get to 180 days. This helps the students learn how to count by 1’s and by 10”s.

We are working to get all of our students on blue on our sight word rainbow.  Please keep practicing the sight words with your child.  We spell and say the words 5 times each here in class each day. We try to go slowly so that the children will remember all of the words, so this process will take a couple of weeks. For those of you who have moved beyond blue and know more sight words, please continue to work on them until you know all 75. Learning the sight words will help your child learn to read fluently.

BOX TOPS: Thank you to all of the parents who are scanning box tops to support our school. I know that there is now a phone app to help you collect. Please continue to save those box tops.

LANGUAGE ARTS: We will complete our unit on Zoophonics next week. We will have a Zoophonics parade here at Pitner on Friday, October 4th to celebrate the completion of the unit. Each class/student will be asked to dress up in a simple costume to represent an assigned Zoophonics letter animal.  The information on what letter your child has been assigned will be sent home at the end of next week.

 MATH: We have been working on a unit on shapes for the past week and we will continue with this unit for another 2 weeks. We are currently learning about 2D shapes and will start learning about 3D shapes at the end of next week. We are also counting from 1 – 50 in our class every day to help the students reach their long-term goal of counting to 100.

INTEGRATED STUDIES: We have been learning about maps and globes this week. This unit is continuous throughout the year. We will learn about our continent, country, state and city during the next two quarters and we will learn our home address in the spring. I did let students who already knew their address tell it to me, but it is not on the report card until next spring. Next week we will start a unit on properties of matter.

This is the community that we build last week.

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