Friday, October 25, 2019


Time is flying by this year and it is hard to believe that October is almost over.  Thank you to all of the parents who dressed your children for red ribbon week.  In Kindergarten we stress healthy living as a way to take care of ourselves.

We had an awesome time at the Cobb Performing Arts Center. The children enjoyed the play about Peter Rabbit.

We know that many of you will be celebrating Halloween next week. We ask that you not send any candy to school with your child for snack after Halloween.

We had a visit from author Gail Langer Karwoski this week. The children enjoyed listening to her story about the animals who sleep near or on the river.

ICE CREAM: Just a reminder that students are allowed to purchase ice cream on Fridays. They must bring in or already have the money in their accounts to pay for it. The cost is $1.25.

WATER BOTTLES: Please do not put anything but water in your child’s water bottle. We have had numerous spills in the classroom this year and we are not equipped to clean up juice and milk.


We continued to work on our phonics skills this week. We learned about the letter C & H. We practiced writing the letter and how it looks and sounds at the beginning of words.  We also worked on sorting letters and pictures.  We will move on to the letters F & D next week. During readers workshop we have been learning about nonfiction or informational books.  We have been reading about bats this week and comparing books filled with information about bats.

Please continue to work on sight words at home.  Students will need to know 25 sight words by the end of the second nine week period.


We have continued to work on our teen numbers this week. We will finish this unit in the next two weeks and review to strengthen their knowledge of the numbers.

INTEGRATED STUDIES:  We have been working on a unit about night and day this week. As part of the unit we have learned about nocturnal animals and how they are different from us. We will be continue working on our unit about night and day next week.


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