Friday, November 22, 2019


Thanks you to all of the parents who donated for our Thanksgiving snack feast. The students had a wonderful time sharing their snack with their friends from the other Kindergarten classes.

Progress Reports:

Your child’s 4 ½ week progress report was in their folder on Wednesday. Please note the number of sight words that your child knows. We work on them every day in class and would appreciate it if you would go over them every night. We work down 1 row at a time so that your child can learn them a little at a time. When the row on the back of their folder is colored they know those words.

Holiday Season:

The holiday season will be here the week we return to school. For many children this is a very special time of the year and everyone has their own way to celebrate the upcoming holidays.  Please remind your child to respect the beliefs of others.  If you have a certain holiday tradition and would be willing to share with us please let me know.

Holiday Basket:

Please contribute for our holiday raffle basket. The theme for our class basket will be “Snacking Good Fun”. We will be collecting donations of any and every kind of snack item that you could possibly need for a fun evening.  Possible items would be bags of chips, pretzels, Cheetos or Fritos. Peanuts, salsa, cheese dip, cookies, snack cakes, bags of candy, boxes or bags of popcorn or anything else that relates to snacking. If you prefer to send in a cash donation, please send it in an envelope labeled “Festival Basket”. We will collect donations until Tuesday, December 3rd.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving break

Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Palmer

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