Friday, January 17, 2020


I can’t believe that we have had so much warm weather this year. I know there has also been a lot of rain along with the warm but at least it hasn’t been snow. I think moss now covers more area than my grass in my backyard after all of the rain that we have had in the past 2 years. They say that the cold is coming back as of today to be followed by more rain.
Congratulations to Oksana, Alyssa, Omar and Harper for reaching the stars and learning over 200 sight words.
Congratulations to Kodah and Inayah for reaching the 75 required sight words for kindergarten.
Congratulations to Alex, Maddy, Liam, Sullivan, Elysse, Jose and Judah who have reached the top of our rainbow and know 60 sight words. They are all working had to reach 75 words.

Thank you to all of the parents who donated snacks for our 100th day snack.
Friday is spirit day here at Pitner. We would love it if you would have your child wear their jade K t-shirt every week.

We have been working on rhyming this week. To teach students about rhyming we use word families. We have learned words in the “et”, and “en” word families this week and learned about the long and short “e” sounds. We will continue working with our word families for a few more weeks to help the students become proficient with rhyming. We continued to learn about narrative writing this week. This genre includes learning how to write about one moment in our lives. Please continue to work on sight words at home. Knowing these sight words helps your child to become a better reader and writer. Students will need to know 50 sight words by the end of this third nine week period.

We have been working on beginning addition this week and will continue with this study for a couple of weeks.

We completed a unit on Germs and healthy living this week. The students learned that washing their hands is the easiest way to protect themselves and others from catching those pesky germs.