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I have been a teacher in Cobb County for 16 years and have taught both Kindergarten and First Grade. I have been married for 34 years to my best friend Mike. We have 2 grown up daughters, Sarah and Tory. Sarah, her husband Shawn, and my beautiful granddaughter Maddie live in Alabama. Tory has decided to settle closer to home and is a teacher. In my spare time I love to read, sew, and play on the computer.

Friday August 17, 2018


FROM THE TEACHER: We have been in school for 13 days now and we are settling in nicely. We have been lucky with the weather this week and have been able to go out to the playground every day. It looks like we may have some more rain next week and have to stay inside during recess.

You are now welcome to come and have lunch in the cafeteria with your child if you would like to. On Fridays we eat lunch in our classroom and watch a movie as a reward for a good week. You are welcome to eat with your child in the cafeteria or in our room if you choose to come on Fridays.

ICE CREAM: Just a reminder that Kindergarten students are allowed to purchase ice cream on Friday’s with parent permission.  Ice Cream is $1.00. Your child must have money in their account or you must send in the correct amount on Fridays for them to be able to purchase the ice cream.

JACKETS AND SWEATERS: It is quite chilly in our classroom in the mornings. You may want to send your child with a jacket or sweater to wear here at school. Please remember to mark it with their name.

LANGUAGE ARTS: We are still working on our Zoophonics unit.  We have learned the sounds for the letters a – l in the past few weeks and will continue learning a letter a day until we reach z.  When we complete our Zoophonics unit we will begin at the beginning of the alphabet and spend more time on each letter.

MATH: We are currently working on our numbers 0 – 10.  The students will learn the number, the number word and how to count with one to one correspondence. We will continue to work on this unit next week. We also participate in number talks each day to help the students better understand how numbers work.  Students will need to be able to count to 50 by the end of the first nine weeks. You can help by having them practice this skill at home.  

INTEGRATED STUDIES:  This week we have been working on a unit about the American flag, the Georgia flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. Next week we will start a unit about community helpers. 

Have a great weekend

Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Palmer

Newsletter – Friday August 10, 2018


Thank you to all of the parents who attended our Open House this week. If you were unable to attend and would like some more information on the who’s what’s and where’s of our classroom please feel free to set up a meeting with me to go over the information.

We are still learning the rules here in our classroom and our new routine. Please remember that we are a class of 16 students and some adjustment time may be needed for your child to learn how to behave in the elementary school setting.

ICE CREAM: Please read the 1/2 sheet of paper in your child’s folder about ice cream. Students are allowed to purchase ice cream in the cafeteria on Fridays. In order to do this you must sign the paper and return it. Also your child must have enough money on their account to pay for all purchases. If you owe money on your lunch account and you send in a dollar for ice cream the money will have to go towards the money owed and your child will not be able to buy their ice cream.

BIRTHDAYS ; We know that some parents like to share their child’s birthday with their school friends. You are welcome to bring in pudding cups, cookies, ice cream or fruit snacks for our class to share during snack time. Please be aware that we are a no cupcake or cake school.  Publix donates cupcakes once a month for the children who are celebrating their birthday during that month.

 PICTURE DAY ; Picture day for Kindergarten is Tuesday, August 21. All children will have their picture taken to be used in the Year Book.  If you wish to purchase pictures an order form will be sent home next week.

 LANGUAGE ARTS: We are currently working on our Zoophonics unit. We have learned the sounds for the letters a – g in the past two weeks and will continue learning a letter a day until we reach z. When we complete our Zoophonics unit we will begin at the beginning of the alphabet and spend more time on each letter. Your child will be responsible for learning 75 of the list of 100 sight words that have been given to us by the county. We will begin working on the first 5 words next week. The first 5 words are: I, go, we, a, see.  We will put a copy of the list in the back of your child’s orange folder as soon as we are able.

 MATH: We are currently working on numbers to 10. The students will learn to recognize and write the number as well as learning how to count that number of objects and label them. We will continue to work on our numbers to 10 for the next 2 weeks.

INTEGRATED STUDIES:  This week we have been working on school rules and colors.  Next week we will start a unit on The Pledge of Allegiance, the American flag and Georgia flags.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Palmer

Open House

Please come learn about your child’s class (Room 105) at Open House Thursday, August 9th at 6:00 p.m.  We will begin with a PTSA meeting in the cafeteria from 6:00 to 6:15. There are 2 open house sessions.  Session 1 is from 6:20-6:50 and session 2 is from 7:00-7:30.  Open House is a time for the teacher to discuss various important topics about kindergarten.  It is encouraged that only parents attend however, if you are unable to find child care, you are still very welcome.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you!

August 3, 2018


FROM THE TEACHER: We have had a very busy first week here at Pitner. We have been working hard to learn a new routine and to learn the rules of our classroom. We have started on our Zoophonics lessons this week and have learned the sounds of the letters a, and b. Ask your child to show you the movement and make the letter sound. We will continue learning a letter a day until we reach z.  When we complete our Zoophonics unit we will start at the beginning of the alphabet and spend more time on each letter. We have also been learning about classroom manners this week. We will continue working on this next week.

NEWSLETTERS: To save paper this year I will post my newsletter on my blog every Friday and not send home a paper copy. If you do not have access to technology please let me know and I will send it to on paper. The address to my blog is http://www.cobblearning.net/cassidymw/. You can also go to it by going to our Pitner website and going to the school links, faculty and staff and clicking on my blog beside me name.

OPEN HOUSE:  Open House will be held on Thursday August 9, 2018 so please mark your calendar.

 PAPERWORK: Thank you to all of you who have turned in the paperwork from Cobb County and from our classroom. It is so important for us to have the information we ask for to best meet the needs of your child.

 BEHAVIOR:  I believe that every child needs lots of praise for good behavior. Each morning your child will be given a happy face on the calendar that is in their folder. If your child is having a difficult day and is unable to follow directions, or disrupts our class they will be warned twice and then they will be given a straight face.  We always give the students lots of opportunities to change their color back to green. If a student hits or strikes another student they will be given an unhappy face and the opportunity to change their color back to green is taken away.  When a child is able to keep all of their happy faces they will be rewarded on Friday with a trip to the reward box.

 TRANSPORTATION CHANGES: Please let us know of any transportation changes in writing. You are welcome to write the information on the calendar in their folder. If you have a last minute change you can call or fax the change to the office at 678-594-8319. If your child will be a car rider on a regular basis you will need a car tag.  If you would like one to keep for special occasion pickups or need more for other family members please let us know.  If you do not have a car tag you will need to come into the school and sign your child out prior to 1:45.

 ORANGE FOLDERS: Your child will bring home an orange folder almost every night this year. Inside you will find valuable communications, newsletters, and your child’s class work.  Please look in the folder each evening and take out the class work that is in it, check for communications and return the folder to your child’s book bag so that it comes back to school each morning.

SNACK: We have lunch at 10:24 every day so it is a very long time until the end of our day. Please make sure that your child has a snack. We only have 10 minutes allotted for snack so please only send a small snack. I do keep a small amount of snack in the classroom for children who occasionally forget to bring a snack but I do not have enough to provide snack every day.

ARRIVAL TIME & BREAKFAST:  Children need to be in the classroom and ready to start working when the bell rings at 7:45. (I do know that on rare mornings it just isn’t meant to be!) Students can buy breakfast here each morning from 7:15 – 7:40. They stop serving breakfast right at 7:40 so please make sure that they arrive a few minutes early if they will be eating breakfast here as they must come by the classroom first to drop off their book bag and to get their breakfast card.


Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Palmer



First Day

We had an amazing first day of school in room 105. There was not a tear in sight from the students all day and everyone enjoyed our time together. We put on our school shoes and followed Pete the Cat around our school. We decided that eating the teacher was not a good idea and talked about how to be a good friend. I am really looking forward to lots of learning and fun happening in our room this year.

Welcome to Kindergarten

Hi!  Welcome to my classroom blog. I share my room with 2 wonderful parapros, Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Palmer. We look forward to meeting you at Sneak-a-peak on Mon, July 30th. Parents you are welcome to bring you child’s class supplies with you on that day or you can bring them on the first day.  If you have any concerns that you would like to discuss please feel free to talk to me and we will set up a private meeting for as soon as we are able. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year.

Happy Friday

 We have two weeks left until Spring Break and “oh boy” are the students ready for the break. Having to stay inside due to the return on the cold weather is tough on the students. We did get out today for a bit and the weather next week is supposed to be warm so we will get to spend some time outside.

Report Cards will be sent out on March 21st. Please sign and return the signature card to me. 

May the Luck of the Irish be with you!


School Pictures

Please know that spring pictures went home on Thursday, March 15.  Each student should have received a picture packet if they were present when they were taken.  Inside of each packet are ordering instructions on how to purchase the picture packet or pieces of the packet.  If you do not wish to order any pictures at this time, please send the packet back to school and have your child give it to their homeroom teacher.  If you have any questions, please email Mr. Traster at [email protected].



Dr. Seuss Week in Kindergarten

Dr.Seuss Week

We will be celebrating Dr.Seuss March 5-9.  Please join in the fun by participating in these fun activities;

Monday – “Cat in the Hat” Day – Wear your favorite hat.

Tuesday – “Fox in Socks” Day – Wear mix match or crazy socks.

Wednesday – “Wacky Wednesday” Day – Wear wacky clothes and have a wacky hair do.

Thursday – “Wocket in my Pocket” Day – Bring something to school in your pocket.  Keep it a secret!

Friday – “Green Eggs and Ham” Day – Wear green.