Welcome to December


We have 2 ½ weeks left until the winter break and we will be in high gear as we try to finish up the academic requirements needed before this nine week session ends. We will have our holiday party on Monday, December 18. Since a traditional party is very chaotic in a Kindergarten classroom our children will be going to different centers that all contain crafts or snacks that have to do with holidays, winter and gingerbread as their party.  We will share a decorated cookie and juice while watching a movie after our rotation.

Please work with your children on their sight words.  Sight words open a huge window to help your child learn to read. Students need to know 25 at the end of the second nine week period and 50 by the end of the third nine weeks.

Look at our count down calendars to the holiday break. We will remove one every day for the next 13 days until only our snowman remains.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks you to all of the parents who donated for our Thanksgiving snack feast. The students had a wonderful time sharing their snack with their friends from the other Kindergarten classes.

December will be here the week we return to school. For many children this is a very special time of the year and everyone has their own way to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Please remind your child to respect the beliefs of others.  If you have a certain holiday tradition and would be willing to share with us please let me know.

 Holiday Basket:

Please contribute for our holiday raffle basket. Our theme is stocking stuffers this year. If you are not able to make a monetary donation please consider buying a small treat for us to put in the basket. Items that would be great would be candy canes, holiday candy, small toys, coloring books and crayons.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving break

Happy Friday!

This week flew by and I am sure next week will do the same. We have a lot to complete during the 2nd nine weeks of school. Thank you to all of the parents who helped their child create a turkey feather.  As you can see our turkey looks very festive hanging in the hall.  You will also see some of our wonderful fall pictures.

Progress reports will come out next Wednesday.  They will give you a birds eye view of your child’s progress during this nine weeks.  Please keep in mind that there are a lot more standards that we teach during each quarter.  Our formal report card will go out after the winter break.

Welcome to November

This week flew by and I am sure the next two weeks will do the same. We have a lot to complete during the 2nd nine weeks of school. The cool weather is supposed to be back next week and bring us more fall. I was looking at last year’s newsletter for this time and like now all we wanted was for the weather to get cool.

Just a reminder to students and parents that their turkey feathers are due on Monday.

We have a lot of students coming in late this year. We do reading from 8:00 to 8:30 every morning so they are missing a very important part of our learning.

We are in need of magazines or grocery store ads that have food pictures. If you have any to donate we would greatly appreciate it.


Red Ribbon Week

Our class spent this week learning about how to live healthy.  Ms. Gilner our Kindergarten counselor came to visit us and taught us about good medicine and bad medicine.  We had fun dressing up in different ways this week to support red ribbon week.

A reminder that Pitner’s Fall Jamboree has been postponed until early November due to the expected rain this weekend.

We learned about bats this week as part of our unit on day and night. We learned about bats, wrote about bats and made bat cookies.  Next week we will continue our unit on night and day and start talking about Thanksgiving.


Early Release Week

Hi, we all made it through early release week in tact here in room 105. We are looking forward to returning to our 10:18 lunch time after a week of lunch at 9:30.  Very special thanks to all of the parents who met with me over the past 2 weeks. Building a connection between home and school will help your child become a more successful student.

We celebrated 50’s day on Wednesday and Cape Day on Friday this week.  The children had fun dancing to some 50’s music and talking about how it was back then.  We learned about spiders this week in writing to help us learn about informational writing. We finished up our books on Friday and celebrated by making a spider cookie to eat for snack.  Next week we will study bats for both science and writing as we start a science unit on night and day.

Don’t forget that next week is Red Ribbon Week. Monday is wear red to school day.

Have a great weekend!

Howdy Folks!

We have had a very busy week learning lots of new things. Our week ended with our first annual country and western day.  Next week we have 50’s day on Wednesday and cape day on Friday.

Please cut out and donate your box tops to our school.  One full sheet is worth $2.00 for our school. You will find a new sheet in your folder every month.

We are very proud of all of our students who are working hard on their sight words and are moving up on our rainbow. Be sure to look for your child’s name on the rainbow when you come for your conference next week. Students will need to know 30 of the 75 required sight words by the end of this nine week period. Mrs. Perry makes sure that she keeps up with how many sight words each  child knows in the back of their folder.



Red Ribbon Week – 10/23 – 10/27

Theme:  Our School Rocks: Bully & Drug Free

Monday: “RED-y To Live A Drug Free Life” – Wear red clothing

Tuesday: “Team Up Against Bullying & Drugs” – Wear favorite team shirt

Wednesday: “Yes We Can Be Bully & Drug Free” – Canned–good drive to make a difference (candy giveaway)

Thursday: “Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up” – Wear mismatched or backward clothing

Friday: “Hats Off To Being Bully & Drug Free” – Wear your favorite or crazy hat

~Poster Contest!! ~

K – 2nd grade students are encouraged to create a poster displaying what it means to live a healthy life

3rd – 5th grade students are encouraged to create a poster displaying why their peers should say no to drugs and/or bullying.

~Posters are due to the Counselor Suite by Fri. 10/20. Winners posters will be displayed in the hallways & will receive a special prize.

How Time Flies!

Friday was the end of the first nine weeks of school. Wow the year seems to be moving by quickly. The children have been working very hard to learn the beginning skills of Kindergarten. The second nine weeks will be filled with learning our numbers to 20, working on our reading and writing skills and lots of other new skills.

On Wednesday we went to the farm and had a wonderful day. This is one of my favorite field trips so filled with activities for the children to participate in. We learned about bees, held chickens, went on a hay ride, painted a picture of a pig and met lots of farm animals.

On Friday we celebrated the end of the first nine weeks by holding our ZooPhonics parade.  The children all looked wonderful in their costumes.  The students from first through fifth grade love watching the parade and reminiscing about their Kindergarten days.  Thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend.

Conferences will be held during the week of Oct 16th – 20th.  This week will be early release every day. Please return your conference form as soon as possible. If you are unable to attend at the assigned time please give me some alternative times.

Community Helpers Fair

We had a wonderful last day before the break. The children had a great time sampling the goods and services in Mrs. Stewart’s class, Mrs. Madrid’s class and in our classroom. They had their nails done, face painted, and had a shave. They were able to have a massage, play a game and buy lots of goodies like ice pops, popcorn and juice.  This was a fun way to teach the difference between a good and a service.

Coming up after the break will be our first field trip and our zoophonics parade. Please remember that your child’s costume don’t need to be elaborate, homemade is just fine.