Happy first day of fall this week! 

Spelling words for this week will be words ending in: -nt, -nd, -nk, and -ng. Please take a practice test or two at home this week to prepare for the quiz on Friday,

Reading—We will explain the differences between fiction and nonfiction books and we will read both types of books. 

Math—We will practice solving +/- word problems through 12. We will continue to use the t to help solve the problems. We will  highlight the numbers in the word problems, draw a picture representation, write the number sentence, and finally, give the answer. We use this format when  solving word problems in our math journals.

Writing—We will answer a writing prompt that asks students to write about a favorite birthday that they’ve had. The narrative writing should include: two or more sequenced events, details, temporal words, and a conclusion. 

Social Studies—We will learn about and define scarcity, discuss needs and wants, and learn about ways to earn income. 

Library day is Wednesday.

Keep sending in your box tops!

We will have flashlight Friday again this week!

Fall break—September 24-28

Thank you to all who  sent in box tops. We actually collected the most box tops in first grade, so we earned a popsicle party last week. Let’s try to do it again in September! 

Please send in your $6.00 for class t-shirts. Our shirt color is red.

Please sign and return the copy of the progress report that was sent home last Wednesday.

In Math we will be working on +/- facts to 10 this week. We are learning strategies that will assist with this. We are learning about counting up, counting back, doubles, using the number line, and making a 10. We also started Minute Math. Students are given one minute to complete 10 problems. When they complete 10 out of 10 correctly, the will move up to the next level.

In Reading we continue to work on using the illustrations in the text to help describe the characters, setting, and events.

We have been working on learning our global address in Social Studies. Students should be able to name and identify the following on a map: my continent, country, state, county and city.

We continue to write narratives in Writing  Workshop. This week we will work on the following prompt: Tell about a time that you went to the doctor.

Spelling words for this week will be final “s blends”, as in -st, -sp, and -sk.

Please continue to work on your sight words. The first 75 words need to be mastered by the end of the first quarter.

Please remember to send in a note after your child has been absent. I will forward them to the attendance clerk.

Our library day is Wednesday.

Looking ahead…Fall Break will be Sept. 24-28.

We are completing our first month of school this week! It’s been a great start!

Spelling words for this week will be “r blends.” The test will be on Friday. Take a practice test or two at home this week so that you are ready for the test at the end of the week.

In Math we will be learning about dimes and pennies and how they relate to tens and ones place value. We are  continuing to solve  +/-  word problems. We are using manipulatives and drawing picture representations to help solve the problems.

In Guided Reading we are describing the characters and setting in stories. We are also retelling the story, describing the major events in the text.

Keep working on your sight words. The first 75 words should be mastered by the end of the first quarter. If your child knows the first 75 words, he/she should move on to list D.

We continue to write personal narratives in Writing. We are working on writing leads, telling stories part by part, sequencing events, and writing conclusions. That is a lot! It’s definitely a process.

In Science we will continue to have fun with magnet experiments.

Library day is Wednesday.

College football season begins on Saturday!

Great things are happening in room 211! We are well into our daily routines and are learning many new things!

We  begin guided reading groups this week. Students will be  working on describing the characters and settings in stories. Once a week students will “shop” for just right books to read during independent reading time. Please encourage your child to read each night at home.

We will work on place value to 19 in Math this week. Students will be counting tens and ones, while also learning that ten ones equals one ten. We continue to work on solving +/- word problems.

We will begin our unit on Magnets in Science.

We are writing everyday in Writing Workshop. We are currently working on small moment narratives. Students are writing about something that they once did or something that once happened to them. We are working on forming the letters correctly on lined paper, spelling words phonetically, and writing complete sentences.

Our spelling words for this week will be “L blends.” We will have a spelling test each Friday.


Please remember to send in a note after your child  is absent from school.

Homework packets are sent home on Mondays and should be returned on Fridays.

Let’s have a great week!



Welcome to first grade!

Welcome to room 211! My name is Christy Beimfohr (BIME 4)  and I will be your child’s first grade teacher. We currently have 21 students in our class. I am looking forward to meeting you on Monday, July 30. Last names that begin with A-L are scheduled to attend anytime between 12:00 – 1:45. Last names that begin with M -Z are scheduled between 2:00-4:00. You may bring your supplies to Sneak A Peek. 

I am beginning my fifteenth year of teaching in Cobb County. I have been in first grade at Pitner for all fifteen years. I started my teaching career in Iowa in 1985, where I taught second grade for nine years.

My husband and I have one daughter, Chelsea, who is twenty-four. She attended Cobb County schools from grades K-12.

Open House will be on Thursday, August 9.

My e-mail address is [email protected]

We are going to have a great year!