Language Arts
We are busy building our reading stamina this month!   Students are learning to choose just right books. We are also beginning Raz-Kids.  I will be sending home a link soon where you can access this program to practice reading at home.  It is set at your child’s reading level.  We are also practicing questioning to comprehend fiction and nonfiction text.  Ask your child questions about stories you read together.  Our discussions will help us better understand stories and informational text. We are writing narratives this month. We are learning to write a well-developed narrative that tells about a small moment.  Narratives should include details, transition words, and a closing.  Students are also including capitalization and punctuation properly in complete sentences.   
In phonics and spelling, we are learning about long vowel patterns.  We read our words in context and look for the spelling patterns in our reading. Our focus in grammar will be common, proper,  collective and plural nouns this month. 


In math, we will be working on one step word problems.  Students must be able to determine whether to add or subtract. They must find the unknown in word problems.  Looking for help at home?  Try  This site has a word problem generator under resources.  We will also review addition and subtraction facts 0-20.  Please review and practice often at home.  These facts are to be memorized this year.  Ever so often, we take fact fluency tests.  This is to chart our progress in memorizing our facts.  We will also work with money this month.  Please review coins and coins amounts with your child at home. Practice skip counting dimes, nickels, and pennies. We will solve word problems with money in class.

Social Studies

We are learning about the regions and rivers of Georgia.  Students must know the 5 regions and describe characteristics of each.  They also must be able to identify 3 Georgia rivers.   


*Fall Break will be the week of September 24th-28th

*Sleepy Hollow Field Trip will be on Friday, Sept. 21st.  Please sign the lunch form and return.

*County Progress Reports will be sent home Wed., Sept 5th.

*Grandparents Day is 1:00 Thursday, Sept. 6th.  

*Also watch for a field trip form coming home for our Tellus Museum visit in October!



August 24-August 31

Language Arts

We are working on reading and asking and answering questions.  Please ask you child questions about the book he is reading at home.  We are also working on building our reading stamina at our reading spots each day.  In writing, we are working on narratives.  We are writing a story about a “proud moment.”  Students are learning to write a well developed narrative with many details.  We are also practicing using spelling resources around the room during writing time. We will work on LONG A and LONG O vowel patterns on phonics.  We are reviewing types of sentences and punctuation.  Then, we will explore common and proper nouns.



We are now working with all ways to represent numbers to 1,000.  Students will represent numbers in expanded, word, blocks, and standard form.  We will also compare 3 digit numbers.  Last, we are working on skip counting by 5, 10, and 100.  This has been challenging for many students.  Please review and practice at home.  Also, please review and practice addition and subtraction facts (0-20).  We will be working with problems solving with numbers 0-20 next week.  We will also review addition and subtraction strategies.

Social Studies

We are completing our unit on Government.  Students should know a definition for government, be able to name services, and tell why we have rules and laws.  In addition, students should know the 3 leaders of the Executive branch of government (President, Governor, and Mayor).  They should know where each person works.  Students should also know the name of our country, state, and city. We will have a quiz on Thursday, August 30th.

Reminders and Thanks!

*THANK YOU to Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Thorne for assisting our classroom with copying!

*Thank you to the Edwards, Madrid, Birely, and Thorne families for donating items to the classroom!

*If you would like to order a T shirt or Quick Word Book, the money and order forms are due by Monday, August 27th.

*Grandparents Day! A flyer about this special event is coming home.  Please note that it will occur on Thursday, September 6th.  You must return the RSVP by Friday August 31st.

*If you would like to order Scholastic books, orders are due by Friday, August 24th.

*Wednesday, August 29th is an Early Release Day!  Dismissal will be at 12:30.

*We will be going to Marietta High School to see a ballet performance on September 21th.  A reminder form will be sent home as we get closer.  However, right now, we need to get the Performing Arts Form Permission Slip signed.  It is a folded piece of paper.  Please sign and return this form.  I will send home another one in the next two weeks if you have not returned the form.  Thank you!  


August (1)

We had a wonderful first week together. We enjoyed learning about classroom procedures, rules, and our classmates this week.   Thank you for signing all our beginning of the year paperwork and sending in supplies!  Thank you also to those of you that were able to be here for Open House!

Language Arts
In Language Arts, we will be exploring the characteristics of good readers and good writers. We are building routines and expectations for both reading and writing workshop.  We will read fiction and nonfiction texts throughout the month.  Our discussions will help us better comprehend the stories.  We will use questioning to determine key details in the text.  We will be exploring long vowels over the next few weeks. Narratives will be our focus in writing.  We are writing short narratives from our HEART maps.

Place Value is our focus for the first few weeks of the school year. We will represent numbers in expanded, standard, and word form to 999.   We will explore numbers as bundles of hundreds, tens, and ones. Students will also skip count by fives, tens and hundreds to 1,000. We will explore place value through many hands on activities.  Please also review addition facts 0-10 for accuracy and fluency.

County Parent Letter about Unit 1-Grade 2 Unit 1 Parent Letter-15t9vpw

Social Studies
Social Studies, we will begin with a unit on Government. We will discuss why we have rules and laws.  We will also be able to identify the Mayor, Governor, and President.  We will learn how government works.






Welcome to Mrs. Carter’s Class

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  Welcome to second grade at Pitner Elementary!  This is my 24th year of teaching with Cobb County Schools. It is my 13th year at Pitner Elementary. I am so excited about this school year! It is going to be an exciting year of learning and growth for your child! 

    I live in the area with my husband, Thomas, and two children.  My son attends Palmer Middle School and my daughter is in fourth grade here at Pitner Elementary!  We are a proud Pitner Patriot family! 

      A new school year is an exciting time for children, teacher, and parents. It means making new friends, taking part in new activities, learning new skills, establishing new routines, and trying new things.  We will spend class time these first few weeks getting to know each other and establishing a positive classroom environment.  Please read through the class welcome packet sent home the first day of school.  This will help you become familiar with our classroom community and my expectations.
     Teamwork will help your child have the best year possible!  This team consists of the student, the parents, and the Pitner staff.   I am here to work  each day to help your child reach his/her potential. I want to create a classroom community where your child feels supported, challenged, and respected.   I truly look forward to working with you and your child this year!