Welcome to our Class!

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Welcome to our second grade class!  My name is Christine Carter. I am very excited about this school year, and I hope you are too!  I look forward to meeting all of you on July 30th. Our Sneak a Peek will actually be OPEN HOUSE this year. Please plan on choosing one of 3 sessions to attend. I will be presenting information about our classroom and the school year. There will be a few forms to complete. 

Session 1  4:00-4:45
Session 2 5:00-5:45
Session 3 6:00-6:45

You are welcome to also bring your school supplies on this day. We will have designated places for the class supplies, and we will organize your desk supplies on the first day of school.

August 1st is the First Day of School. You are in Room 308 downstairs.

Please bring a healthy snack and a sweater to school.  It sometimes gets chilly in the room. 




March 2019

Thank you for all the Valentine’s treats and surprises!  Also, thank you to those of you that donated items from our Book Fair wish box. 

Report cards will be sent home this month.  Please sign the envelope and return to school.  

Language Arts

At the beginning of this month, we will continue to read and compare different versions of fairy tales.  We are enjoying looking at the way each story is presented. We are looking at the story structure- characters, setting, and plot. This month, we will also write our own versions of these popular tales. I can’t wait to read these!  After this, we will read and compare fiction and nonfiction passages.  We will discuss and write about how these stories are alike and different.  We continue to also work on opinion writing.  We are combining it with letter writing.  Second graders should be able to write a friendly letter and use commas in the heading, greeting, and closing of a letter.  We will write opinions about space and leprechauns in the coming weeks. In spelling and phonics, we are exploring suffixes.  We have covered the rules of s, es, ed, and ing. However, this month we will also use –er and –est and ly that is used in adverbs.


We are working on solving word problems with money. Most students are doing a good job of skip counting money. However, I notice some students are having trouble identifying coins. Many students mix up quarters and nickels. Have them hold and look at coins at home. We will also continue adding and subtracting using our place value strategies. Many students are still developing subtraction with regrouping skills.  We will also explore shapes this month.  Students will recognize and draw 2d figures and determine the number of sides and angles in a shape.

Social Studies

This month, we are looking at changes in our environment. We will explore fast changes like mudslides and volcanoes and slow changes such as erosion.  We will look at invasive plant and animal species. After this, we will learn about Jimmy Carter. We will learn about his life and contributions to our country’s democracy. We will also explore saving and spending with our economics unit.  We will learn about scarcity and opportunity cost.


Important reminders

*Our Class picture day will be on Thursday, February 14th.  Students will take a group picture and individual pictures.

*All Six Flags Read to Succeed completed forms need to be returned by February 15th.  No late forms will be accepted.  Click this link if you need to print a new form.

Six Flags Reading Log

Language Arts

This month, we will be reading different types of traditional literature.  We are beginning with fables.  We are reading many different fables and discussing the central message or moral of each story. After fables we will explore different versions on common fairy tales. We will read different versions of Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, and Cinderella. We will compare and contrast the stories. We will even write one of our own.  We are also working on opinion writing. We will state our opinion clearly, give 3 reasons why we feel that way, and give details for our reasons.  We will end with restating our opinion clearly.  We will be writing friendly letters too. Students will need to use commas in the greeting and closing of the letter.  We are also learning about adjectives and adverbs.  Students are working to expand sentences by using adjectives and adverbs in writing.  In phonics, we are reviewing r controlled vowels and plural nouns.


This month we are working on adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers. Students must show a strategy when adding and subtracting- blocks, decomposing numbers, or number line. Be careful with regrouping.  We are also solving 1 and 2 step word problems. These are still challenging for many students. Remind your child to show both number sentences used to solve the problems.  Students must also write a sentence answer to the question.  We practice problem solving each morning with our problem of the day.


We will be doing a science unit on stars, shadows and the moon. We will watch patterns in the moon over a month.  We will learn about the main moon phases.  Look for the calendar. All students that return the calendar will receive a treat! We will discuss star brightness, distance, and color. We will even look at constellations. Also, we will use a sundial to view shadows.  We will discuss why shadows look different throughout the day.  Please review how we get day and night.




Report Cards will be sent home on Friday, January 11th. Please keep paperwork at home,and sign and return the white envelope.

Language Arts

In the first two weeks of this month,our focus is SNOW, SNOW, SNOW. Many of our reading and writing activities have winter and snow as the topic! We will explore opinion writing this month. We will learn how to express our opinion clearly and support it with reasons and details. We will write about our favorite winter activity. We will read literary and informational passages about winter topics. We will locate key details and practice inferencing. In Grammar, adjectives and verbs will be our main focus this month. We will learn about closely related adjectives and verbs (synonyms). 


 At the beginning of this month, we will review and apply our place value skills.  We will use place value to compare numbers to 1,000. We will also mentally add and subtract 10 and 100 from 3 digit numbers. Then, we will review our addition strategies and add four 2 digit numbers together.  Remind your child to use blocks, number lines, or decomposing to solve addition and subtraction problems. This is MUCH easier for those students that have math fact fluency. Please also practice and review subtraction facts. Many students still need practice in this area.

Social Studies

This month, we will learn about two famous Americans- Martin Luther King Jr. and Jackie Robinson.  We will learn how these two Americans contributed to our democracy. We will learn about the challenges each person faced and the courage each person showed. We will discuss their character traits. 

Wellstar will visit our classroom again on January 17th to cover the health topic of germs.  We always look forward to their lessons.  We will also have an author visit the school on Tuesday, January 8th.

Thank you! Thank you!  Our Reindeer Romp was a huge success thanks to all your donations.  I really appreciate ALL the parents that came out to help us celebrate.  Thank you also for all the sweet gifts! 



We are at the last week before Winter Break.  We are still completing our writing, and learning about telling time.  We are also covering Stars this week. Over the break, please continue to practice our addition and subtraction strategies.  Also, work on telling time with an analog clock.
If you completed the carol sheet activity, please return by Monday.  All December reading calendars and the Reading Bingo board is due on Friday. 
The Carol sheet and Reading Bingo are optional. Please return the ELF Homework as soon as it is completed.
We will have our Holiday Party on Wednesday from 12:30-2:00.  

Monday:  Holiday Character Day- dress up like your favorite holiday character
Tuesday: Candy Stripe Day- wear your red and white
Wednesday: Holiday Hat Day/ Reindeer Romp 12:30-2:00
Thursday:  Holiday Sweater/ Early Release
Friday: Pajama Day and Holiday Sing a Long/ Early Release



Language Arts

    The class is reading informational text this month. We are discussing the main idea and supporting details in the text. Students are learning to choose important facts from nonfiction text that support the main idea. We are asking and answering questions as we read to develop understanding. Students are also locating nonfiction features in books and describing how we can use them to build understanding. In Language Arts, we are also learning about possessive nouns.  With phonics, we first will continue with r controlled vowels. Then, we will do some unusual spelling patterns such as OI and OY. We are working on informational writing. Students are learning to write multiple paragraphs on topic with a topic sentence, at least 3 detail sentences, and a closing. Right now we are completing our writing about changes in Fall- plants, weather, animals, and people. We will read about topics and learn to gather details. Students will apply capital letters and ending marks on sentences.  We are working to develop and elaborate our ideas in writing.


In math, we are continuing to learn and practice our place value strategies for addition and subtraction.  This is very different from the way we learned in school.  Please support your child. These strategies help your child know and understand place value. We will use blocks, number lines, and decomposing numbers to add and subtract.  This week we are developing our subtraction skills. Students will practice all strategies in isolation. Then, we will find a strategy that works best for your child to use. We will also continue to practice solving one step word problems. This month, we will also work with 2 step problem solving.  This is challenging and will take time to develop.

Social Studies

We are learning about the start of Georgia. We are learning about Sequoyah this week. He was a part of the Cherokee tribe.Then we will learn about about Oglethorpe, Mary Musgrove, and Tomochichi and how they were important to the colony of Georgia. Students must be able to identify each person’s character traits.  Please visit our class site page.  There is a link to biographies.  You can listen online at home.  This would also count for reading!

Reading incentives!

There are so many reading incentives this month!  We will always have our reading calendar for weekly reading.  However, there is now a monthly reading goal for the Pizza Hut Book It! reading program.  Please look for the goal each month on top of the reading calendar. Your child can earn a FREE personal pizza each month of participation.  

Next, your child can earn a FREE Six Flags ticket by reading for 6 hours or 360 minutes by February!  Please sign and return this form as soon as your child meets the goal. The ticket will arrive at the end of the year.

Last, our grade level has a READING BINGO card for this month. For each reading activity you complete, you will earn a Pitner Buck!  Also, if you get 4 in a row, you will earn a 5th Pitner Buck.  Pitner Bucks can be spent at our school store each month.


I am so fortunate to have such fabulous parents in our class this year!  Thank you for working with your child at home. Thank you for volunteering your time to help, chaperone, send items in, and read to the class!  You are helping make second grade a super year for your child!

Wishing you and your families a very happy Thanksgiving!   





I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break!  We have a very busy month ahead.  I love FALL!  Please check your child’s folder on October 1st as there will be many important papers.  

Reminders for the Week of October 1-5:
*We will visit the Cobb Safety Village on Wednesday, October 3rd.  Please wear your class shirt and comfortable shoes.  We will be walking and climbing.  PLEASE also pack lunches in a disposable container.  No lunchboxes allowed.
*On Wednesday, we will send home a letter with a suggested conference day and time. Please sign and return as soon as possible so we may confirm our schedules for that week.

*Our Matter Museum items are due by Friday!
*Please sign and return the Tellus permission slip and $15 this week.  We look forward to this exciting trip!
*We have a guidance lesson on Thursday.
*We will have our library lesson on Friday this week.  This is rescheduled due to our field trip on Wednesday.
*PTSA Fall Festival is this Saturday, October 6th.

Language Arts
We are reading fiction. We are learning to summarize the beginning, middle, and end of a story. We are also using the text and illustrations to describe the story elements.  We will then be reading informational text.  We will practice questioning to locate facts and details.  We will begin writing informational papers. We will explore topics and write a main idea and supporting details. Students will learn how to write an engaging beginning and closing.  We will continue to learn about long vowel patterns.  Then, we will explore R controlled vowels.  


This week, we will continue solving word problems and coin word problems. Continue to practice counting coins.  Next, we will begin learning our place value strategies for adding and subtracting two digit numbers. These strategies are challenging for many second graders, and they will take time to develop. This will be easiest for the students that have memorized addition and subtraction facts. Please follow the strategies. I will include an example at the top of the page.


We are continuing our science unit on matter this week. Mrs. Uciferri has been exploring matter with students in the STEM lab. We will learn about solids, liquids, and gases. Please see the letter about our Matter Museum. Items are due Friday.  We are going to Tellus on Wednesday, October 10th.  Please remember to have your child wear comfortable walking shoes.  Wear our class shirt. If bringing a lunch, please pack it in a disposable container.  Let us know if you are interested in chaperoning.  All chaperones will provide their own transportation. Our matter test will be the week of the 8th.  Watch for a review guide to come home.

Social Studies

After our science unit, we will begin learning about famous Georgians-Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove, and James Oglethorpe.  We will learn about how each person contributed to the start of our state.  We will also learn about their character traits.

Coming this month:

*Character Book Pumpkins
*Matter Museum
*Conference Week
*First Month of Book It reading
*Parent Fall Math Centers- October 31st
*Tellus Field Trip-October 10th



Language Arts
We are busy building our reading stamina this month!   Students are learning to choose just right books. We are also beginning Raz-Kids.  I will be sending home a link soon where you can access this program to practice reading at home.  It is set at your child’s reading level.  We are also practicing questioning to comprehend fiction and nonfiction text.  Ask your child questions about stories you read together.  Our discussions will help us better understand stories and informational text. We are writing narratives this month. We are learning to write a well-developed narrative that tells about a small moment.  Narratives should include details, transition words, and a closing.  Students are also including capitalization and punctuation properly in complete sentences.   
In phonics and spelling, we are learning about long vowel patterns.  We read our words in context and look for the spelling patterns in our reading. Our focus in grammar will be common, proper,  collective and plural nouns this month. 


In math, we will be working on one step word problems.  Students must be able to determine whether to add or subtract. They must find the unknown in word problems.  Looking for help at home?  Try Gregtang.com.  This site has a word problem generator under resources.  We will also review addition and subtraction facts 0-20.  Please review and practice often at home.  These facts are to be memorized this year.  Ever so often, we take fact fluency tests.  This is to chart our progress in memorizing our facts.  We will also work with money this month.  Please review coins and coins amounts with your child at home. Practice skip counting dimes, nickels, and pennies. We will solve word problems with money in class.

Social Studies

We are learning about the regions and rivers of Georgia.  Students must know the 5 regions and describe characteristics of each.  They also must be able to identify 3 Georgia rivers.   


*Fall Break will be the week of September 24th-28th

*Sleepy Hollow Field Trip will be on Friday, Sept. 21st.  Please sign the lunch form and return.

*County Progress Reports will be sent home Wed., Sept 5th.

*Grandparents Day is 1:00 Thursday, Sept. 6th.  

*Also watch for a field trip form coming home for our Tellus Museum visit in October!



August 24-August 31

Language Arts

We are working on reading and asking and answering questions.  Please ask you child questions about the book he is reading at home.  We are also working on building our reading stamina at our reading spots each day.  In writing, we are working on narratives.  We are writing a story about a “proud moment.”  Students are learning to write a well developed narrative with many details.  We are also practicing using spelling resources around the room during writing time. We will work on LONG A and LONG O vowel patterns on phonics.  We are reviewing types of sentences and punctuation.  Then, we will explore common and proper nouns.



We are now working with all ways to represent numbers to 1,000.  Students will represent numbers in expanded, word, blocks, and standard form.  We will also compare 3 digit numbers.  Last, we are working on skip counting by 5, 10, and 100.  This has been challenging for many students.  Please review and practice at home.  Also, please review and practice addition and subtraction facts (0-20).  We will be working with problems solving with numbers 0-20 next week.  We will also review addition and subtraction strategies.

Social Studies

We are completing our unit on Government.  Students should know a definition for government, be able to name services, and tell why we have rules and laws.  In addition, students should know the 3 leaders of the Executive branch of government (President, Governor, and Mayor).  They should know where each person works.  Students should also know the name of our country, state, and city. We will have a quiz on Thursday, August 30th.

Reminders and Thanks!

*THANK YOU to Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Thorne for assisting our classroom with copying!

*Thank you to the Edwards, Madrid, Birely, and Thorne families for donating items to the classroom!

*If you would like to order a T shirt or Quick Word Book, the money and order forms are due by Monday, August 27th.

*Grandparents Day! A flyer about this special event is coming home.  Please note that it will occur on Thursday, September 6th.  You must return the RSVP by Friday August 31st.

*If you would like to order Scholastic books, orders are due by Friday, August 24th.

*Wednesday, August 29th is an Early Release Day!  Dismissal will be at 12:30.

*We will be going to Marietta High School to see a ballet performance on September 21th.  A reminder form will be sent home as we get closer.  However, right now, we need to get the Performing Arts Form Permission Slip signed.  It is a folded piece of paper.  Please sign and return this form.  I will send home another one in the next two weeks if you have not returned the form.  Thank you!  


August (1)

We had a wonderful first week together. We enjoyed learning about classroom procedures, rules, and our classmates this week.   Thank you for signing all our beginning of the year paperwork and sending in supplies!  Thank you also to those of you that were able to be here for Open House!

Language Arts
In Language Arts, we will be exploring the characteristics of good readers and good writers. We are building routines and expectations for both reading and writing workshop.  We will read fiction and nonfiction texts throughout the month.  Our discussions will help us better comprehend the stories.  We will use questioning to determine key details in the text.  We will be exploring long vowels over the next few weeks. Narratives will be our focus in writing.  We are writing short narratives from our HEART maps.

Place Value is our focus for the first few weeks of the school year. We will represent numbers in expanded, standard, and word form to 999.   We will explore numbers as bundles of hundreds, tens, and ones. Students will also skip count by fives, tens and hundreds to 1,000. We will explore place value through many hands on activities.  Please also review addition facts 0-10 for accuracy and fluency.

County Parent Letter about Unit 1-Grade 2 Unit 1 Parent Letter-15t9vpw

Social Studies
Social Studies, we will begin with a unit on Government. We will discuss why we have rules and laws.  We will also be able to identify the Mayor, Governor, and President.  We will learn how government works.