August (1)

We had a wonderful first week together. We enjoyed learning about classroom procedures, rules, and our classmates this week.   Thank you for signing all our beginning of the year paperwork and sending in supplies!  Thank you also to those of you that were able to be here for Open House!

Language Arts
In Language Arts, we will be exploring the characteristics of good readers and good writers. We are building routines and expectations for both reading and writing workshop.  We will read fiction and nonfiction texts throughout the month.  Our discussions will help us better comprehend the stories.  We will use questioning to determine key details in the text.  We will be exploring long vowels over the next few weeks. Narratives will be our focus in writing.  We are writing short narratives from our HEART maps.

Place Value is our focus for the first few weeks of the school year. We will represent numbers in expanded, standard, and word form to 999.   We will explore numbers as bundles of hundreds, tens, and ones. Students will also skip count by fives, tens and hundreds to 1,000. We will explore place value through many hands on activities.  Please also review addition facts 0-10 for accuracy and fluency.

County Parent Letter about Unit 1-Grade 2 Unit 1 Parent Letter-15t9vpw

Social Studies
Social Studies, we will begin with a unit on Government. We will discuss why we have rules and laws.  We will also be able to identify the Mayor, Governor, and President.  We will learn how government works.






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