12/9 Update

Hello families!
I just wanted to give you a QUICK update. We have so much going on these last couple of weeks!!

Thank you all so much for helping fill our giving bag for our sister school! If you have not yet sent in your item, please send it by tomorrow morning! Our TPVs will be packing up the bag tomorrow, so it is our last chance to get items in!

Our kiddos had a great time at The Nutcracker last Friday! We will be doing some fun follow up activities this week with our book buddies!

We are wrapping up our math addition and subtraction strategies this week. We will finish the quarter with measurement and revisit/review place value and skip counting next week.

In ELA, we are finishing up and preparing to publish our non-fiction books! We’ve worked hard sharing our expertise!

Star Lab is arriving at Mount Bethel this week, and we will be taking a trip to visit the stars this Friday! We are comparing our sun and other stars, then will continue our study of the Earth, moon, and stars next quarter.

Our holiday party is on Monday. We will be doing a book exchange in the classroom after the party, so please be sure to send in a book that any child would like to receive by Monday! Christmas tradition homework will be presented throughout the week next week. Please send the projects in by Monday as well.

One more thing… I haven’t spoken to the kids yet, but we will be hosting a “winter wonderland” on our halls next Tuesday, 12/17. We would love for the kiddos to dress in winter themed or holiday themed outfits! I’ll be dressing like a snow-person!

11/20 Update

Hi Parents!

Headline News

The kiddos did an incredible job signing for the Veterans Day breakfast!! The whole event was truly heartwarming!

As the cold season approaches, and temperatures rise and fall, we will continue to go outside for recess unless it is too wet or very cold. Even when temperatures are low, we will go outside if it isn’t very windy. Please make sure your child is dressed for winter temperatures and has a jacket labeled with his/her name.

Six Flags Reading Logs will be sent home this week.  This year, you will enter your child’s minutes online!  Students earn a free Six Flags ticket to be used during the summer!  To get a head start, you can log in to create an account.  www.sixflags.com/books
Use Mrs. Chaviano’s code: RKRRR

This Thanksgiving, I am so thankful to have such wonderful parents! I truly appreciate your time, classroom donations, and the daily support you provide to your students each and every day!

Upcoming dates:

  • 11/22 – Foundation STEM DAY!
  • 11/25 – 11/29 – Thanksgiving Holidays
  • 12/6 – 2nd Grade Field Trip to Cobb Civic Center for The Nutcracker
  • 12/19 & 20 Early Release Days and Last Day of 2nd Quarter
  • 12/21 – 1/5 – Holiday Break
  • 1/6 – First Day of second half of school year!

Our curriculum:

Math – This week we have been hard at working learning how to add and subtract using an open number line! This is just one of the strategies we will learn for multi-digit computation. We expose the students to multiple strategies so that they may choose the one that makes most sense to them!

Reading – Reading non-fiction text takes attention to details! We must look closely at all information and put it all together best understand information.  We are using all of those details to determine the main idea of parts of a text and the whole text. We read each section and think, “What is this section teaching me?”

Writing– We are setting goals for writing and using what we are learning from the authors we read to write our own books. We are really enjoying sharing our expertise!

Language Arts/Word Work – Apostrophes! Contractions this week, possessives following the Thanksgiving break.  Trickword practice at www.spellingcity.com

Unit Study – We are learning the fascinating story of the founding of Georgia by James Oglethorpe, and the help he received from the leader of the Yamacraw Creek, and Mary Musgrove, a Creek and English translator and trading post owner.


11-8 Quick update

Hishi families!!

We had an amazing Native American Day on Monday! Students enjoyed living a day in the life of Cherokee child. While they had many difficult chores, they really enjoyed “school” learning important skills like hand-eye coordination through toys and games. Some photos have been uploaded to Shutterfly… stay tuned for more! We also had a special visit last Friday from Sequoyah himself, who developed a written language and starting the Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper!

I hope you all enjoyed having your little ones home on Tuesday, while we trained on new Kagan structures to implement in our classrooms! (Thank you, Foundation!!)

And now we are gearing up for our special Veterans’ Day Celebration! We have been working hard on letters and cards to send overseas to service men and women who are currently deployed. Second graders have been selected to sing at the Veteran’s Breakfast, and the whole school will honor the veterans as they parade through the school. Please dress your child in red, white, and blue for our special celebration on Monday!

Thank you for ALL the help from our amazing parents who pitched in to make this day happen! From helping with shirts, to in-classroom volunteers, to sending in snacks. We so appreciate you!!

Thank you also for those super cute and delicious Halloween snack!!

10/28 Update

Hi Parents!

Headline News

Congratulations to all the STEM Fair participants!! It was great to see the hard work and learning taking place! I am so proud of each and every student who entered for their hard work and initiative! Thanks to our amazing MB Foundation for hosting this awesome event!

Speaking of the FOUNDATION…This year’s Foundation Patron Drive closes this Thursday!! Please make your contribution to the Foundation this week to help us reach our fundraising goal and to support all the extra advantages the Foundation provides for YOUR CHILD each day at Mount Bethel!! Check out the FOUNDATION WEBSITE HERE for more information on how your donations are allocated and how to donate.

We have implemented some changes in our classroom. We are ramping up personal responsibility and implementing individual weekly “must do” assignments in math. Completion of daily practice as well as targeted fact fluency practice and problem solving will be required daily prior to math center activities. Students will have plenty of opportunity to complete their daily tasks. They may use class time to complete them, and they may finish during morning arrival time and other times that they have free time during the day/week as well. Unfinished work will be sent home over the weekend for completion.

We are trying something different to help manage ongoing behavior problems in the classroom also. We are reintroducing a clip chart to help with visual reminders for classroom rules violations.   For above and beyond behavior, students will still have opportunities to earn bonus tickets for our class lottery, which they LOVE! Students will begin recording multiple behavior infractions on their calendar. If your child’s calendar reflects an orange or red, please see my notes and have a conversation with them to help reinforce the expectation of school and classroom behaviors.

Upcoming dates:

  • 10/31 – Foundation Patron Drive ends
  • 10/31 Happy Halloween! Have fun! Be safe!
  • 11/2 – PTA Fun Run!
  • 11/4 – Native American Day for 2nd grade!
  • 11/5 – Election day – No school – Teacher In-service day
  • 11/8 – Breakfast with Dad
  • 11/11 Veteran’s Day celebration!
  • 11/22 – Foundation STEM DAY!
  • 11/25 – 11/29 – Thanksgiving Holidays

Our curriculum:

Math – Students are telling time to the five minutes on an analog clock. Continue practicing this important life skill as well as counting money at home! In class we will build on these in center activities. Skip counting, addition and subtraction strategies for multi-digit numbers, and problem solving are focus in the upcoming weeks!

Reading – Non-fiction text surrounds us! Help your child notice and use information and features of text around them!   Model strategies of gathering information from different sources to navigate your day.

Writing– This week we have been sharing our narrative stories and providing glows and grows to our peers in class. On Monday, we had an author celebration to close out our narrative unit.  Our non-fiction unit will launch this week!

Language Arts/Word Work – Students will be responsible for practicing spelling five trick words per week. These trick words are not decodable and cannot be sounded out, but are high frequency words that need to be applied in writing. I will be introducing the class to SPELLINGCITY.COM for extra at home practice. The website provides some free practice activities, and no password is needed.  Just search for my name to find my lists.  Please encourage your child study their words each week in any way that is fun and effective for them. (i.e. spell with playdoh, rainbow words, sidewalk chalk, etc.) 

Unit Study – Second Grade is excited about Native American Day coming up on Monday! Students have been busy learning about Creek and Cherokee culture and comparing their lives to our lives now. On Monday, students will learn first hand by “living a day in the life” of a Creek or Cherokee child! This is always a memorable day in second grade! We are grateful for the volunteers and snack contributions!


For the at home help with cutting fringe for our Native American Day dresses!

For the in-class help with beading our dresses on the 21st!

10/13 Update

Hi Parents!

Headline News

It’s Conference Week!! I’m excited see everyone and have some time to collaborate with you on your child!  Be mindful that many conferences are scheduled back-to-back, and we need to try to stay on schedule. Please be on time! If something comes up and you cannot make your scheduled time, please email me to reschedule as soon as possible. Parents with early morning conferences, I will meet you at the door to let you in.

Students will be released two hours early (and have lunch two hours early) all week. FACT clubs are cancelled all week, and students will be sent home via their “normal” (pre-club) dismissal. If you aren’t sure what that was or need to adjust, please send a note.

We had a GREAT time on our Sparkes field trip! It was a terrific introduction and a whole lot of fun! We will continue to explore Forces & Motion in Quarter 2!

FOUNDATION DRIVE is going on all month!! Please make your contribution to the Mt. Bethel Foundation. This organization provides so many benefits that impact each and every student.   They provide technology (hardware and software), training for teachers, materials for classrooms, staff and supplies for STEM, and amazing programs that help enhance learning for all students!! We want you to be ALL IN for your child’s education!

BUS DRIVER APPRECIATION WEEK!  The PTA provided lunch for the bus drivers last Friday.  I’m sure they would LOVE to receive cards or notes of appreciation from the kids!  Early release days this week would be a great time to have the children make something sweet for their bus drivers!!

Upcoming dates:

  • 10/14 – 10/18 – CONFERENCE WEEK! EARLY RELEASE! The children will be released 2 hours earlier each day! NO FACT CLUBS!! ASP is open!
  • 10/14 – 10/18 – Bus Driver Appreciation Week
  • 10/22 – STEM Fair 5:30pm
  • 10/31 – Foundation Patron Drive ends
  • 10/31 Happy Halloween!
  • 11/2 – PTA Fun Run!
  • 11/4 – Native American Day for 2nd grade!
  • 11/5 – Election day – No school – Teacher In-service day
  • 11/8 – Breakfast with Dad
  • 11/11 Veteran’s Day celebration!
  • 11/22 – Foundation STEM DAY!
  • 11/25 – 11/29 – Thanksgiving Holidays

Our curriculum:

Math – We will continue to build on computations strategies and problem solving.  Skip counting and money counting go hand in hand, and we will begin finding patterns and skip counting from non-zero numbers (For example, counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, or 100’s from 256).

Reading – Our new quarter brings a new genre in Reading also! We will focus on non-fiction reading, learning how to build comprehension by using non-fiction text features. We will also look to the authors we read to influence our writing!

Writing– This week, we will publish our “best” narrative story. Next week, we will begin expository writing.

Unit Study – We introduced Forces & Motion at Sparkles and will continue to investigate these physical science concepts. We are also wrapping up our Georgia Geography Unit which prepares us for our study of the Native Americans who lived here before colonization.


For help with math mornings, mystery reader, classroom helpers and parents who have signed up to cut shirts!

A BIG shout out to Sparkles chaperones, Ayelet’s mom and Everett’s mom.

Thanks also to Ayelet’s mom and Holden’s mom for the beautiful Pumpkin Patch in the hall, and your time during last week’s TPV!

Our class is so grateful for the generosity of book donations from book fair and classroom supplies and equipment that continues to arrive on our doorstep!

And thank you to families who have donated to our Foundation Drive already!! These donations impact every child. Every day!!


September 20 Update

Hi Parents!

Headline News

We won 100% participation for Read-A-Thon!! Way to go kids and parents!! The class voted to adopt a class pet with the prize money and matching. Careful consideration and some research is needed to decide what pet will best suit our classroom. We also got to celebrate our hard work by taping the principals to the wall! It made for a crazy but fun day!

If you have not already sent headphones in for your child, please send them soon. We will be using technology more and more, and some apps and resources require them.  Please be sure to label them with your child’s name and place them in a plastic zip lock bag (also labeled).

We are super excited for our introduction to forces of motion at Sparkles the Wednesday we return from break. If you have not returned your permission form, please send if on Monday. We don’t want to leave anyone out of the fun and learning!

Upcoming dates:

  • 9/3-27 – FALL BREAK! NO SCHOOL
  • 9/30 – Conference letters will be sent home
  • 9/30 – Well Star Visit: Healthy Eating
  • 10/2 – Field Trip to Sparkles Family Fun Center: Science/Forces of Motion
  • 10/10 – Early Release Day (two hours early)
  • 10/14-18 – Bus Driver Appreciation
  • 10/14-18 – Conference Week/Early Release
  • 10/22 – STEM Fair

 Our curriculum:

Math – We’ve been hard at work learning Orton Gillingham computation strategies to understand and develop the language of explaining place value changes behind adding and subtracting larger numbers. The students are really doing great and catching on fast. We are confidently solving two and three digit addition problems and two digit subtraction problems. The weeks after break we will apply this to problem solving, and begin working with money. If you have some free time over the break, please practice coin identification (penny, nickel, and dime) and values.

Writing– We are amassing a huge collection of wonderful personal narratives!  We are writing new stories and adding new skills to old stories each day.  Next week, we will focus on strong endings, and then the nitty gritty of editing.  We look forward to publishing and sharing our favorites soon!

Reading – We LOVE to read!!  We are reading longer and longer each day.  We enjoyed meeting with our book buddies today!

Unit Study – We are in the midst of our matter unit, which we launched last week with identifying properties of matter, and states of matter based on its properties. Following break we will do some investigations into the changing states of matter to determine what changes are reversible and nonreversible.

Hope everyone has a super and safe break!!

Conference Request Form

Hi Parents!

It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through the first quarter, and conferences are coming up in just over a month!

Scheduling can be tricky, but I do want to do what I can to schedule times that work best for all of you. We will also try to get sibling conferences close back to back or close together when possible.   To make all of this possible, I need to know your preferences. Please complete the online form at this link by this Sunday, Sept 8. I will be meeting with all sibling teachers this Monday (9/9) to start scheduling, so it is important that I receive your responses before then.


Thanks for your help!!


Hi Parents!

If your child is starting FACT clubs next week, please click the link below to complete the FACT club dismissal form before Monday.  Be sure to record the way your child will be dismissed regularly on club days.  The form is only  needed if your child is going to FACT clubs.  No additional transportation change forms will be needed, unless your FACT club dismissal changes again.

Thanks so much!!


August 30 Update

Hi Parents!!

Important Dates and Headlines:


9/4-6 – Specials schedule change due to testing in 1st & 3rd grades

9/9 – FACT Clubs begin

9/9-12 – Specials schedule change due to testing in 3rd, 4th, 5th grades

9/12 – 18 BOOK FAIR

9/12 –  Concert on the Green!

9/14 – East Cobber Parade


The surprises just keep coming!!  Thank you to everyone for the class wish list contributions of jump ropes, chalk, playground balls, ball chairs, wobble stools, candies, hand sanitizers, classroom books, paper goods, gift cards, etc.!!  We will put all of your generous gifts to good use throughout the year!!

Today, we practiced logging in to RAZ-Kids and Moby Max.  Login information was sent home.  Please encourage your child to use these awesome resources at home often!

Scholastic book orders are due Wednesday, 9/4.  Please order online if you are interested.  Books will be delivered to school and sent home with your child. They have tons of titles (not just what’s on the flyer), and I always earn a lot of books when families order.  It’s a win-win!  go to www.scholastic.com/bookclubs.  My class code is NN2RH.

The Fair at Mt. Bethel will begin on September 9.  This is another way to get great books and help the school at the same time!


This week we started introducing our manipulatives for OG math, and have been working on fact fluency strategies.   If your child is not fluent in math facts, please spend a few minutes a day to reinforce these skills through game play to make it fun and engaging.  Card games, dice games, are great ways to practice.  There are many ipad apps too.  Moby Max is a fantastic resource!!


We’ve been spending a lot of time on practicing habits of what good readers do to grow.   We will continue to employ these habits as we begin to become more cognizant and interactive with our text.  Help at home by talking with your child about their books, asking them to retell, explain the problem, how a character is changing or reacting to a problem, etc.  Let them read to you their favorite parts or parts that gave them big feelings!


We’ve been hard at work planning our first full blown personal narrative using a story map strategy,  This group has a lot to tell.  I can’t wait to see how the stories develop!  We will add craft moves and revise as we go!


We are wrapping up our study of the three levels of government (city, state, and nation).

This week we launched our science unit by dispelling misconceptions of what a scientist is and what a scientist does.  With a little help from Ada Twist, Scientist and some research, we changed our minds’ pictures from crazy, wild haired, lab coat & glasses wearing people mixing chemicals in labs to scientists working in all sorts of environments asking and answering questions about all sorts of things.  In second grade, we are ALL scientists!!

Information on the MBES Science Fair went home earlier this week.  Encourage your aspiring scientists to sign up and show their creativity and expertise in this non-judged event. It’s a night of fun and exploration all in the name of Science!

For project ideas, check out:

Science Buddies:  http://www.sciencebuddies.org

Science Fair Guide:  http://www.science-fair-guide.com/Default.asp

Registration form, complete rules and other information can be found at on the MBES Foundation Website 



August 12 Update

Hello Parents!!

Thank you all for coming to Open House last week!!  It was a pleasure to see you all.

I forgot to introduce my wonderful room parents, Tina Patel (Sahil’s mom) and Noah Osher (Ayelet’s mom).  I will be meeting with them this week to get our Shutterfly site set up so we can start getting volunteers lined up.  Please stay tuned for communication from them soon.

THANK YOU!!  I’m beginning to receive donations from our class wish list!  Thank you so much for your help in providing supplies and items to build an engaging learning environment!  Here is a link to my Amazon wish list if you would like to help!

Mrs. Chaviano’s Amazon Wishlist Click Here


Target class begins tomorrow.  Please return yellow forms and supplies as soon as possible.

PICTURE DAY is Thursday. These pictures will appear in the yearbook, so every child will be photographed. Please send in orders if you wish to purchase a package.  Fifty percent of the cost comes back to Mt. Bethel if you pre-order!


We are sailing right along, full speed ahead!  We have a lot going on in our classroom!  Here is what you need to know…

The kids have done a FABULOUS job learning class routines and procedures.   We have been working as a class to beat the teacher for extra recess on Fridays.  Last week, we got to ADD EIGHTEEN MINUTES!!  Team work really does make the dream work!!

This week we will begin our behavior program for individuals.   If your child brings home an Uh-Oh! GAME OVER sheet, it means that they have been given multiple opportunities to correct a problem behavior throughout the day.  You will need to discuss the behaviors with your child, sign the back of the form, and return it to me.   Students get chances through the day to correct behavior and will only bring the form home if they have been disrespectful three or more times without making adjustments.   Students can earn BONUS POINTS for exhibiting above and beyond behavior (helping others, acts of kindness, challenging themselves, etc.) for a choice of a trip to the candy jar or a class lottery ticket for monthly drawings.

MATH – In our first week of school, your children became statisticians and not only learned how to graph data, but invented their own survey, collected data, graphed it, and analyzed it!  We will be posting this project to SeeSaw later this week.

This week we will begin reviewing fact fluency and combinations to make tens.  Knowing tens facts with automaticity will be absolutely critical for kids to decompose and recompose numbers in computation of larger numbers.

READING- In reading, we are discussing and practicing habits of good readers.  We will goals for ourselves and “try on” different books and reading locations in the classroom.  We have homework!  Please help your child select their favorite special book that they love to read over and over by Friday.  If you don’t have the actual book, your child can draw the book cover and bring it in.  Please make sure your name is on the book, so I can get it back to you!

We got to meet our KG book buddies on Friday.  We also visited the Learning Commons today to learn about choosing books and checking out.  Students will be able to return and check out books during morning arrival before 7:45.  As we become more independent, they will be permitted to go on their allotted library day during Readers’ Workshop.

WRITING – We will launch our narrative writing unit this week, and students will be on the lookout for story topics.  On Wednesday, I will be sending another homework assignment home,  asking for students to complete a collage with you to bring in to use for story ideas.   I will show the kids an example, and send them home with directions and a piece of card stock to use for the collage.  Please spend some time with your child talking about and selecting pictures or mementos from experiences that they will remember enough to write about.  I understand that this project requires a bit of time, but your child will love reminiscing with you.  Please try to complete them by Monday, August 19th if possible.

UNIT – We launched our Social Studies unit day today.  We learned through activities that we will be wearing different “hats” to see through the eyes of historians, economists, government,  and geographers to learn about our state and the important people who have influenced us.  We are laying the foundation for deep thinking through many perspectives.

I know it’s going to be another awesome week!!