Unit 2: Ratios week of 9-17 to 9-21

Remember…next week we will not have school “Fall Break” September 24-28th

This week we will begin Unit 2: Ratio, Rate, and Proportions. Our first standard covered is RP.1 and RP.3 which talk about ratios and ratio language in solving real-world math problems. First we want to discuss what is a ratio and what types of ratios we have in our everyday life.


RP.1 Understand the concept of a ratio and use ratio language to describe a ratio relationship between two quantities.

RP.3 Use ratio and rate reasoning to solve real-world and mathematical problems utilizing strategies

Quizzes/Tests: None this week

Retakes: Unit 1 Retake Thursday @ 8:15 am

Tutoring: None this week due to Retake of Unit 1


9/17: review Learnzillion notes taken from class

Ratio notes with Learnzillion videos task

9/18: p. 193 #12 & 13      Online worktext login

    MSG notes from today’s class

MSG pages: MSG ratios M6U2-Standards-page

9/19: Ratio Practice Worksheet with answers

Types of Ratios (Answers)

9/20: p. 243 #1 & #3 and p. 246 #19 & #20            Online worktext login

MSG page Math-Snacks-bad_date_learner


9/21: none, enjoy your Fall Break!

MSG page Ratio-Table-Questions


Unit 2 Vocabulary: 

Unit 2 Vocabulary Quizlet

Spy Guys Ratio video intro

Learnzillion notes videos:

Video 1        Video 2         Video 3        Video 4         Video 5       Video 6

Unit 1: NS.4 + Summative

This week we will finish Unit 1 with the distributive property and the Summative Assessment. We will review the Unit 1 study guide and do some practice with the distributive property. The summative assessment will take two days to complete.

Standards: NS. 1, NS. 2, NS. 3, and NS. 4    Unit 1 concept map MSG page 5

Quizzes/Tests: Unit 1 Summative Thursday-Friday, September 13 & 14

Retake: None this week

Tutoring: Thursday @ 8:15 am


9/10: pg. 403 #8 -#9; pg. 405 #27; Study Guide #10-14

Unit 1 Distributive Property Card Sort Activity Answers

9/11: Distributive Property worksheet-with answers

9/12: Study for Unit 1 Summative (TOMORROW) calculation problems

9/13: Study for Unit 1 Summative day 2 (word problems)

9/14: none, bring your calculator to class Monday! We will start Unit 2


Learnzillion – Distributive property video






Unit 1: NS.1 & NS.4 Dividing Fractions & GCF/LCM wk of 9/3

This week in Small group Math we will be finishing up our Fraction Division (SOaR) and moving into our last standard for Unit 1. NS.4 Find the greatest common factor of two whole numbers and the least common multiple of two whole numbers. Study Guide for Unit 1 will be handed out in class on Wednesday and should be worked on little by little to review and prepare for the Unit 1 test : September 12th.

Standards: Please refer to your child’s MSG Unit 1 Standards page: Concept Map.

Unit 1 concept map MSG page 5

NS.1: Dividing Fractions

NS.4: Find the greatest common factor and the least common multiple of two whole numbers.

Quizzes/Tests: Wednesday (NS. 1 Dividing Fractions) September 5th

Retakes: None

Tutoring: Thursday @ 8:15 am (we will be preparing for the Unit 1 Test)


9/3: Holiday (study for Quiz on Wednesday) Division Fractions Pick-a-Ride

USA Test Prep Practice Quiz: Dividing Fractions USA test prep Log-in

(Remember: log-in information is in your MSG “resources”)

9/4: Study for Quiz tomorrow! Try these:

Scavenger Hunt Fraction Division-Challanging

Scavenger Hunt Fraction Division- Easy

9/5: Unit 1 study guide #1-4

Unit 1 study guide

9/6: Unit 1 study guide #5-8

MSG pages handed out: GCF MSG page  LCM MSG page


Students can try the problems on the bottom of the pages to practice GCF and LCM!!!!!!!!

9/7: Unit 1 study guide #9-12 (Study Guide Due Tuesday, September 11th)

LCM Word Problems Foldable MSG page

GCF-LCM word problem practice slides


Learnzillion video – GCF (Greatest Common Factor)

Learnzillion video – LCM (Least Common Multiple)


Unit 1: NS.3 and NS.1 wk of Aug 27th

This week we finish our decimal operations and talk about multiplying & dividing fractions in small group math. Long division Quiz handed back with corrections and we reviewed the quiz in class Friday. Quiz Monday on decimal operations (all four orders of operations + – x / ). Wednesday is an early release day @ 1:30, which marks the first 4.5 weeks of school. Please continue to work on previous skills taught and check off what you/your student can do on the Unit 1 concept map. Blog posts are there all year and you can go back and watch videos and practice.

Standard: NS.3 decimal operations & NS. 1 dividing fractions

Unit 1 concept map MSG page 5

Quizzes/Tests: Monday, August 27th on NS.3 decimal operations

Retakes: none

Tutoring: Thursdays @ 8:15 am meet in the theater


8/27: p. 103 #1-4 (Hint: look at your unit 1 vocabulary for review of words: numerator/denominator and product)

8/28: watch LearnZillion video (in Resources) + p. 104 example 1 and Got it? a, b, c

Notes from classworkNotes from classwork

Homework answers

Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers MSG page

Equivalent fractions MSG page

fraction cheat sheet MSG page

8/29: p. 151 #1-3


Dividing Fractions SOAR MSG page

8/30: p. 159 #1 and #5

8/31: USA test prep Dividing Fractions Practice Quiz

USA test prep Log-in (Remember: log-in information is in your MSG “resources”)


Dividing Fractions Instructional video-Learnzillion

Warm-ups wk 8-27

Online Worktext-Login

The online textbook is now working!!! Click on the online textbook link above, then enter:
• sch\Student ID number (ex. sch\123456) and the same computer password used at school, OR
• Click on the link and use Office 365 credentials (available in StudentVue)

Unit 1: NS. 3 Decimal Operations wk of 8/20

This week in small group math we will be working with decimal operations. We will review adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. No calculators will be used in the classroom. We need to practice looking up our facts, plus this will get us prepared for the Milestones assessment at the end of the course. (First 10 questions are non-calculator calculations). We also want to learn skills to help us when we do not have access to a calculator.

Standard: NS.3 Fluently add, subtract, multiply, and divide multi-digit decimals using the standard algorithm for each operation. (look in MSG unit 1 page)

Tutoring: Thursdays @ 8:15 am. Students are picked up in the theater.

Quizzes/Tests: None (next Monday on NS.3)

Retakes: None


Remember to try problems and come to class with questions!!!

8/20: p. 11 #3 and #5

8/21: p. 35 #3 and #7

8/22: p.75 #16

8/23: p.75 #18 & #19; p. 76 #25 (if you want to try)

  Turtle page is due Tomorrow!!

8/24: Study for Decimal Quiz Monday on Standard NS. 3 (USA test prep practice Quiz)

USA test prep Log-in (Remember: log-in information is in your MSG “resources”)


Study Jams video Decimals-Step by Step

STOP video @ 3:45 marker for + and –

STOP video @ 7:53 marker for x

Rest of the video is on division

Decimal operations by Mrs. Calhoun


Unit 1: NS.2 Long Division wk of 8/13

This week in small group math we will continue to practice our long division standard algorithm. Remember to bring your MSG everyday to class.

Standard: NS.2 Fluently divide multi-digit numbers using the standard algorithm.

Quizzes/tests: Friday, August 17th

Tutoring: Wednesday (this week only) @ 8:15 am meet me in the theater

Retakes: None

Homework: “Please check the homework section daily for pictures of homework”

8/13: page 48 in worktext: printed for students (no worktext yet) #1, 3, 5

8/14: page 49 in worktext: #1, 3, 5

8/15: Study for formative Quiz on NS. 2 Long Division (Friday)


8/16: Study for formative Quiz on NS. 2 Long Division (Friday) + Practice Quiz on USA test prep

8/17: Finish Turtle worksheet (+ – decimals) coloring sheet


USA test prep log-in


Unit 1: NS.2 Long Division wk of 8/6

In Small Group Math, we will be learning about long division the way your parents were taught long division.

Standard: NS.2 Fluently divide multi-digit numbers using the standard algorithm.

Tests/Quizes: Vocabulary Quiz Friday, August 10th

Retake: NONE

Tutoring: Starts next week on Thursdays @ 8:15 am (Mrs. Calhoun will come to get tutoring students from the Theater.

Please bring your MSG (math survival guide: Composition notebook) EVERYDAY to class.

 Remember, homework is to practice and prepare for class.  It helps you to determine your strengths and your weaknesses.  It may not be graded now, but it surely impacts your grade later!

Homework: updated daily (changes are in RED)

8/6: Complete Author’s Page in MSG All about me MSG page 1

Other MSG pages handed out today: Resource-page-MSG page 2 ; Formula page MSG page 3 ; Math-6-Teaching-and-Learning-Frameworks MSG page 4 ; Unit 1 concept map MSG page 5 ; Unit 1 Vocabulary blank MSG page 6

8/7: Complete half Unit 1 vocabulary (illustration only definitions are given to students) Make flash cards Unit 1 Flash cards-Quizlet

8/8: Complete Unit 1 vocabulary & Complete all MSG problems (if not done in class) long-division-steps-and-practice MSG page 7-8

Other MSG pages handed out today: Long Division msg page 9

8/9: Complete Long Division Hmwk 1/2 page LongDivisionHW MSG page 13

Other MSG pages handed out today: Division-Practice-and-Tidbits MSG page 10-12

8/10: none

Resources: Pictures and Videos

More Videos:

Study Jams Double Digit Division

Virtual Nerd long division

More Picture Examples:

Here are two examples to show what I mean by writing your answer three ways.  Also refer to your MSG notes:

long division three ways 1long division three ways 2




Hello 6th grade students!

Welcome back to school for a wonderful year at Lovinggood Middle School!

This will truly be a year of growth, leading, and learning!

I am looking forward to getting to know every student and their individual needs.

Here are some items that you need before the first full week of school 8/6/18 for Small Group Math with Mrs. Calhoun:

Blue Plastic two pocket/three prong folder


4 function calculator

Blue Composition Notebook (ok with other colors)

Glue Stick(s) or Tape

colored pencils/markers 

note cards

Last week of School 2017-2018

We made it to the last week of school. Remember…we are dismissing students @ 1:30 pm on Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, May 23rd.

This week in small group math we will be showing the movie Wall-E and looking for mathematics scenarios answering questions as we watch the film. Please email if you have questions.

Enjoy your summer and do not forget to review your math standards. It will make things less painful in the fall. Your brain is a muscle and if you don’t use it you will loose it!


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