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Last week of School 2017-2018

We made it to the last week of school. Remember…we are dismissing students @ 1:30 pm on Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, May 23rd.

This week in small group math we will be showing the movie Wall-E and looking for mathematics scenarios answering questions as we watch the film. Please email if you have questions.

Enjoy your summer and do not forget to review your math standards. It will make things less painful in the fall. Your brain is a muscle and if you don’t use it you will loose it!


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Preview 7th grade-Integers + –

This week (our last full week of school) we will be previewing a 7th grade math standard on the Number System. (8 days to go!!) May 22 and May 23 are early release days @ 1:30 pm.

MGSE.7.NS.1 Apply and extend previous understandings of addition and subtraction to add and subtract rational numbers; represent addition and subtraction on a horizontal or vertical number line diagram.

We will begin with notes and then go into activities that are fun and engaging. Please see resources below.

Tutoring: None, unless scheduled with me or requested

Re-takes/Assessments: None (no additional testing will take place)


Adding Integers with Number Line

Adding Integers Video-Chips

Subtracting Integers with Number Line

Subtracting Integers Video-Chips

Adding and Subtracting Integers activities-practice-quiz

Compare and Order Integers activity

Hot Air Balloon Integer Activity



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Unit 7 Summative Project

This week in small group math we will be finishing up our Unit 7 Summative Project on the Coordinate Plane. Please see the project packet below in the “Resources.” Students are able to work on this project from home if absent or need additional time, but there is plenty of in-class time to complete the project. The project is due by Friday, May 11th (NO EXTENSIONS) Please email me if you have any questions.

Tutoring: None

Re-take/Assessments: No retakes, Summative Project (last grade)



Next week we will be previewing a standard for 7th grade on the number system: Look at these resources to prepare your minds.

Positive and Negative Numbers-MSG



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Wrap up Unit 7 + MI testing

We have 18 days left of school! Let us finish strong with tenacity.

This week in small group math we will be finishing up any quizzes from Unit 7 and remedial pages if scored less than 80%, starting our Unit 7 project (summative grade), and completing the last Math Inventory (MI) testing. There will also be a Unit 7 retake option to those who scored less than a 75% on the Summative Assessment given last week. Students need to complete and turn in their Unit 7 Study Guide to retake.

Students will complete MI testing during class (May 2nd: Wednesday and May 3rd: Thursday) so please plan accordingly and be present. The purpose of the Math Inventory test is to track the progress of understanding of math concepts as students progress and get ready for high school and beyond. It tests students based on their ability to understand over 500 concepts of mathematics and helps teachers make informed decisions on instruction. Please see this document for more information: Math-Inventory-Overview-for-Parents

Tutoring: None this week (please email me if you wish your child to attend tutoring)

Retake: Unit 7 Summative Retake 5/4 @ 8:15 am

Unit7 Study Guide (students must complete to retake)

MI testing: Wednesday, May 2nd – Thursday, May 3rd during class


6th-grade-math-coordinate-plane-project (summative assessment)

Remediation for Unit 7

coordinate plane all quadrants practice

identifying-shapes-plotting points practice

line segment length practice

mystery-picture-ordered pairs-F

mystery-picture-ordered pairs-M


NONE enjoy the week off and focus on Science or Social Studies as they have end of year testing coming up.


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Unit 7 study guide answers

Please come to class with questions

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Finish Unit 7 Independent Study

This week we will finish Unit 7 with catch-up (Monday and Tuesday), review (Wednesday), and a Unit Exam (Thursday and Friday). Students received their Study Guide Friday (April 20th). Answers will post Tuesday and reviewed in more detail Wednesday. Unit 7 exam will be given Thursday, April 26th and Friday, April 27th. A retake option will be given to anyone who scores less than a 74%. Re-take will be the following week (May 3rd~estimated) with a remedial packet to complete. (Students who do not complete the remedial packet should not take the retake due to a lack of preparation for the exam.)

Tutoring: Thursday, April 26th and Friday, April 27th @ 8:15 am


Unit7 Study Guide

Remediation for Unit 7 per Quiz

Below are great practice worksheets:

Lesson 2 point distance practice with answers



find-the-shape-FIXED – coordinate-grid-picture

ordered pairs – plotting-ordered-pairs

ordered pairs2 – coordinate-grid-graphing


This week is just to prepare for the Unit 7 Exam. Students should have worked through all the activities on their task list Unit 7 Independent Study-Textbook based  If not completed, this is homework!!

All MSG pages for Unit 7 and mini lessons have been taught. (please see previous posts for MSG pages)

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Unit 7 Continued

This week we will work on reviewing absolute value and ordering them from least to greatest and greatest to least, start coordinate plane, drawing polygons on a coordinate plane, and reflections across the x or y axis. Quiz 2 (Tuesday, April 17th) and Quiz 3 (Friday, April 20th) will be offered to students that are finished with the activities. Unit 7 study guide will be given out on Friday to all students. There is no homework for students who are on pace with due dates on independent activities. Please see the checklist below for both textbook and web-based tasks. Unit 7 summative will be given at the end of next week. Study guide answers will be reviewed in class next week.

Tutoring: Friday, April 20th @ 8:15 am

Quizzes: Unit 7 Quiz 2 and Quiz 3 (only to those who are ready) To see what information you will be quizzed on please see the task checklist document link below.

Retakes: None

Unit Exam will be given next week! Study Guide = Unit7 Study Guide

Web-based link: GA virtual school: Independent Study interactive website

These are MSG pages/Notes (just click on the underlined document):

Unit-7-Vocabulary MSG

Unit 7 standards MSG

Unit 7 Independent Study-Textbook based

Unit-7-Task-Student-Task-List-Website based


Coordinate Plane Reflections-MSG

Coordinate Plane-MSG

Lesson 2 point distance practice with answers

Polygons Coordinate Plane-MSG

Remediation for Unit 7 per Quiz


Please refer to checklist and if students are behind on their independent study activities they should complete those activities for homework to be prepared and ready for the Quizzes on the due dates.

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EOG testing Week

This week we are Georgia Milestone Testing Tuesday, April 10 through Friday, April 13th. Please make sure you eat a well balanced breakfast and get plenty of good sleep.

No homework this week, No tutoring this week, and No quizzes or Tests

We will pick up where we left off next week with our Unit 7. Students are welcome to work on their independent study standards and checklists. Quizzes 2 and 3 will be given out next week.

Student will have a Unit 7 exam the last week of April. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Please see the EOG review packet and answers to help you prepare for the Math portion.

EOG review packet


Tuesday: ELA part 1

Wednesday: ELA part 2 and 3

Thursday: Math part 1

Friday: Math part 2

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Unit 7: Independent Study: Numbers and Their Opposites

This week in small group math we will be finishing our Summative assessment of Unit 6: Statistics and beginning our Unit 7 Independent study of Numbers. Students will be given lots of notes, examples, textbook pages, videos, interactive websites, and quizzes at their own individual pace. Please see the checklist/standards page and vocabulary page below. Students will only have homework if they are behind in their independent study. When students finish the lesson they will take the quiz on that lesson. If scoring below 80% students will complete remediation pages to be graded and averaged into their quiz grade. Tutoring will be offered everyday this week for all who would like added support in their independent study. There will be a unit summative assessment after EOG testing.

EOG Testing: April 10-20th (6th grade is Testing April 10-13)

Tutoring: Monday-Friday @ 8:15 am

Quizzes: Quiz 1: Integers/Graphing/Absolute Values/Opposites


Unit 7 standards MSG

Unit-7-Vocabulary MSG

Unit-7-Independent Study-Task-List-Website based

Unit 7 Independent Study Task List-Textbook based

GA virtual school: Independent Study interactive website

MSG pages are provided below on the day that they are discussed in a mini lesson


3/26: Bring Textbook if Independent study chosen is Textbook or Bring personal device if Independent Study chosen is Website based.

3/27: Only if classwork is not complete (see checklist)

Positive and Negative Numbers-MSG

3/28: Only if classwork is not complete (see checklist)

Absolute Value-MSG

3/29: Only if classwork is not complete (see checklist)

(Work on Remedial textbook pages if Quiz score is below an 80%)

3/30: Only if classwork is not complete (see checklist)

Comparing Ordering Absolute Value-MSG

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Milestone Review due 3/26 Answers

please use the answer key as a guide to review concepts that have been taught. Please look back in your MSG notes to review concepts.

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