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Unit 5: G.4 surface area and G.2 Volume

Science link: Savannah%20to%20Sapelo%20Sound/Savannah?print=true

We have a lot to learn this week so attendance is critical. Missed assignments will be made up either before school or during homeroom. Assignments are in the homework section below. Not many students completed a Unit 1-4 Review 🙁 . It is important to take advantage of ALL review opportunities, which help keep learned concepts fresh in the mind and help students prepare for the Georgia Milestone test. It will be here before you know it. Please take advantage of the resources posted on my blog to help aid in understanding taught concepts. Repetition is the key! Please practice!!

Quizzes: G.4 Quiz on Finding Surface Area is on Monday, Feb. 12th

G.1 Quiz on Finding Volume is on Friday, Feb. 16th.

Retakes: None

Tutoring: Friday, Feb. 16th at 8:15 am

Resources: **Stop Video at 8:02**

The total area of all the faces that make up a 3D shape. The amount of space a 3D shape takes up.


2/12: Vocabulary start up and Real-world link P. 645

2/13: Complete Task 1 (if not finished from class)

MSG notes Volume-2h2e3wo

Volume and Cubes tasks_part 1 to part 3-voamye

2/14: Complete Surface Area and Volume Task

Washing-Machine-Volume example-2i438x8


2/15: Study notes/Examples/all resources Quiz G.2 Tomorrow on Volume


2/16: None, Enjoy the week off!

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Unit 5: G.4 Surface Area using Nets

Important flu information!

This week we are learning about how to find the surface area of 3-D shapes using nets. Please make sure your child is present this week as we will be doing a lot of work with manipulatives (practice manipulatives are below). If an absence must occur, it would be best to attend tutoring. Please use the resources below to aid in understanding. Practice, practice, practice!!

Tutoring: Friday, February 9th @ 8:15 am

Retakes: None

Quizzes: None


Unit 5 Standards-usibc9

Unit 5-Vocabulary-Cards-18kzb4f

Video shown in class, re-watch as much as needed:


Net manipulatives to print out and create at home:

Net manipulatives

Rectangular prism net-1urxnus

Square pyramid net-wjyg7c

Triangular prism net-1jtwxyq

Triangular pyramid net-104iowp

More practice worksheets to focus on surface area using nets:

matching nets activity-runqu7

multiple choice nets-rzekew

Shapes and Nets worksheet-1pa0s1c

Surface area practice-yav5az


2/5: Unit 1-4 Review (handed out Friday 2/2), Read MSG notes  Units-1-4-Milestones-Review-1qerkdv

MSG notes: MSG notes Nets G.4-2e84hvf

2/6: Unit 1-4 Review, Read MSG notes

MSG notes are continued from yesterday!

2/7: Unit 1-4 Review, Read MSG notes, p. 673 #1

MSG notes: MSG notes using Nets to find Surface Area-29dgn8w

2/8: Unit 1-4 Review due tomorrow!!! p. 675 #15, p. 676 #19 (answers in the back of the book)

Task cards with answers from class:

2/9: Study for G.4 Quiz on Monday 2/12

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Unit 5: G.1 Decomposing/Composite Figures

This week we are finishing our learning of standard G.1 Finding the area of polygons. We will begin the week with a pick a ride activity, complete lots of practice decomposing figures, complete a couple tasks finding the area of composite figures, and finish the week with a formative quiz on G.1 pulling it all together. Please read your MSG notes DAILY!! Some students are still NOT performing well due to a lack of practice and re-reading their notes. Complete all practice problems and ask questions! Please attend tutoring Friday as I will be reviewing everything needed to perform well on the formative quiz.

Tutoring: Friday, February 2nd @ 8:15 am

Retake: Thursday, February 1st @ 8:15 am (any students who wish to retake the Inequalities Summative)

Formative Quiz: Friday, February 2nd


Unit 5 Standards-usibc9

Unit 5-Vocabulary-Cards-18kzb4f

CCM6U5L1DecomposingPolygonstoFindArea-2j6h300 (MSG notes and practice)**good study tool**

CCm6U5L1WhatsMyArea-with decomposition-1n497yd



1/29: Area of Polygons homework-11d0tqp (answers are on the second page)

1/30: Decomposing Figures homework-1pbebzq (answers are on the second page) Students did not get a paper copy (issues with school printer), Please complete 3 shapes on notebook paper using the formula A=bh

here are the notes from today:

1/31: page 629 #11 and page 630 #15 (answers in the back of textbook)

2/1: Study MSG notes/examples Quiz tomorrow (bring to Tutoring)

2/2: None; Unit 1-4 Review handed out Units-1-4-Milestones-Review-1qerkdv

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Unit 4: EE.9 & Unit 5: Geometery G.1

I hope everyone stayed warm and safe during the winter storm. Hopefully you were able to review the videos, powerpoints, and worksheet that was emailed to parents.

We will start out our week with a formative task on independent and dependent variables to finish Unit 4. We will begin Geometry (Unit 5) Wednesday! Please re-read your MSG notes DAILY, look back at the unit vocabulary and talk to someone about what you are learning in Math!!

Tutoring: Friday, January 26th @ 8:15 am

Tests: Formative task on independent & dependent variables (Tuesday)

Additional Resources: Videos were emailed to parents last week

Independent and Dependent Variables videos:


Unit 5 Vocabulary : Unit 5-Vocabulary-Cards-18kzb4f

Unit 5 Standards : Unit 5 Standards-usibc9

Area of Polygons – Video

Learnzillion video on decomposing polygons – Video


1/22: Please read your MSG notes

direct_variationHW-zi52z2 (worksheet was emailed to parents last week)

Representing-independent-and-dependent-variablesTaylorSwift-filled in-1wxlx1k

Students will use the putting it all together MSG note page to fill in the last page of the Taylor Swift-Filled in notes above.

Putting it all together-1lu3t2w

1/23: Read MSG notes on Area of Polygons

1/24: pg. 570 #1 & 3; pg. 579 #1, 3, 5; pg. 582 #25 (all answers in the back of book)

1/25: pg. 591 #1 & 3; pg. 593 #15 (all answers in the back of book)

1/26: Area of Triangles and Trapezoids practice B worksheet



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Unit 4: EE.5 EE.8 EE.9 + Summative Task

This week we wrap up inequalities and begin Independent and Dependent Variables next week. We will have a summative task on Inequalities to end out the week. Please have your student sleep well and eat well for our MI (Math Inventory) testing Tuesday and Wednesday. Read MSG notes DAILY! Try all practice problems because you don’t know what you haven’t tried. Remember to check off your skills on the unit standards page in the MSG.

Tutoring: Friday, Jan 12th @ 8:15 am

Tests/Quizzes: MI testing Tuesday (1/9) and Wednesday (1/10); Summative Task Tuesday (1/16)


Online websites for extra practice and review of inequalities:


1/8: Study Equations/Inequality MSG notes/Study Guide Unit 1-3 (previous post)

1/9: none

1/10: Inequality practice: Eureka math worksheet (alt: Prodigy assignment)

1/11: p. 539 #s 15 & 17; p. 545 #s 1,3, 5 (odd answers are in the back of the book, so check your work)

1/12: none

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Unit 4: EE.5 & EE.8 Inequalities

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and got the rest and fun that you needed.

Lets get the second half of school started off right. Make sure you are reviewing your notes DAILY!! If you don’t practice it you loose it. Please practice the skills you are learning in math class daily to perform well on assessments and to be able to ask questions. If you don’t even try then you don’t know what you can truly do.

This week we will continue working on our prior knowledge of equations and use it to discuss inequalities. It means = NOT EQUAL (There is a range of answers to the problem).

Quiz: NO quiz this week

MI testing: Monday, January 8th and Tuesday, January 9th


Graphing Inequalities Foldable-zu5dll

msg substitution inequalities notes-15wv55n

msg writing graphing inequalities notes-1y0bhlh


1/4: Inequalities and Substitution notes “You Try” #1 and #2

1/5: Practice Writing and Graphing Inequalities #6 and #7

Eureka Math worksheet #1, 2, 4, 8

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Unit 1-3 Study Guide Answers

Hello! Hope you all had a wonderful break. Here is the study guide answers. Please work on these so you know what questions to ask in class. Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday. Please see the work below…there were a couple errors so please see those too.

Unit 1 – 3 Study Guide_Calhoun-1fxogz3

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Unit 4: One-step equations

WOW! We are down to the last three days of the semester. Please study the powerpoint slides and all notes/examples on one-step equations for our formative quiz on Tuesday and Wednesday (Dec. 19 & 20). I hope everyone enjoys their holiday break, but I am sending home a comprehensive review of all the standards taught this semester. Please work on this over the break to keep the brain fluid for our Math Inventory Test when we return from our holiday break. MI testing has been scheduled for Monday, January 8th and Tuesday, January 9th. Please plan accordingly so your child is present for this important test.

Tutoring: Tuesday, December 19th @ 8:15 am

Quiz: Tuesday and Wednesday (One-step equations; Standards EE.5, 6, 7)

Retake: Unit 3 Retake Monday (8:15 am)


One-step equation notes-2dh2ikn

One-step equation practice answers-2mnqgg1

unit 4 vocabulary-uwemmt

Unit 4 standards check-s49alu


12/18: Study for Formative (+ – x and / of one-step equations) Prodigy Assignment

12/19: Study for Formative

12/20: Study Guide Unit 1-3 handed out (answers will be posted on 1/1 “Happy New Year!”)

Unit 1 – 3 Study Guide_Calhoun-1fxogz3

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Unit 4: One-step equations + – x /

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow and is ready to finish out the year strong. We have 7 days left in 2017 and the first semester of middle school. Please be present as much as possible for the next 7 days, they are IMPORTANT!! Due to the lost of instructional time we are working hard to quiz before the holiday break. Copies of notes will be provided on my blog below where homework is located. If you miss class you can know what you missed and study to be ready for when you return.

Quiz: Tuesday and Wednesday December 19 and 20th over 1-step equations all operations and word problems

Exit Ticket: 1/2 point grade Friday December 15th

Unit 3 Summative Retake: Wednesday (12/13) morning @ 8:15 am

Tutoring: ***Thursday December 14th @ 8:15 am***I have a meeting Friday morning!


unit 4 vocabulary-uwemmt

Unit 4 standards check-s49alu

One step equation practice-1lhqkmx

One-step equation –uc2pyb

Homework: READ your MSG notes daily!! New textbook handed out Tuesday!

12/12: Read pages 430-431 in new textbook for review.

Answer #1 on page 432

#s 1 and 3 on page 433

#s 21 & 23 on page 435.

12/13: Writing-Equations-from-Word-Problems-NotesFat-Cat-updated-1sx90e2

Page 445 #s 1 and 5

Page 446 #s 7 and 9

Page 457 #s 21 and 23

12/14: Graphic organizer MSG problems-1h2k25z

Page 472 #15

Page 473 #s 21 and 27

Page 483 #s 15 and 19

12/15: Study MSG notes and practice problems

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Unit 3: EE.5 EE.6 EE.7 Writing and Solving Equations

We have a busy week ahead. Quiz on Monday on simplifying expressions and the distributive property. Summative assessment on Tuesday and Wednesday on Unit 3. Study guide went home on Friday. Students will be using their MSG notes to complete the assessment. We will then begin Unit 4 on one-step equations. We start with writing equations and then move to solving equations with all orders of operations. Addition and Subtraction of equations are first this week.

Tutoring: Friday @ 8:15 am, students report to the cafeteria.

Quiz: Monday on simplifying expressions and distributive property

Unit 3 Summative assessment: Tuesday and Wednesday on all Unit 3 standards -We need another part of a day to finish our assessment. We will finish this on Thursday 12/7

Retake Unit 3: There is no retake because it is a task


stop watching at 8:14!!

One-step equation game:

One-step worksheets for practice:

One step equation practice-1lhqkmx

One-step equation –uc2pyb

Homework: Read your MSG notes daily!!

12/4: None (Prodigy website)

12/5-6: Study Unit 3 notes and examples

12/7: Try solving one addition one step equation. Use our notes from today: One step equation notes

12/8: Read pages 430-431 in new textbook.  Answer #1 on page 432, #s 1 and 3 on page 433, and #s 21 & 23 on page 435. Unit 4 standards check-s49alu       unit 4 vocabulary-uwemmt    one step equation notes-1fdzc50 Writing-Equations-from-Word-Problems-NotesFat-Cat_modified-21le24h

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