New Money Pieces App

CCSDInTech loves ALL the Math Learning Center (FREE) apps!

The Math Learning Center provides amazing free apps for teachers. They have web apps that can be accessed online and downloadable apps for specific devices. We recommend that you check them all out, every classroom could use them. There are so many tools to choose from and they just added one more. Get ready for Money Pieces!

Check out the newest app – – MONEY PIECES!!!

Money Pieces App(Citation:

Money Pieces help students visualize and understand money values and relationships. Two versions of coins and bills are provided: virtual currency pieces that replicate the appearance and relative size of U.S. coins and the dollar bill, and area money pieces. MLC Money Pieces Icon

Area money pieces represent the values of coins and the dollar bill using an area model in which 1 square unit is equal to a penny. Nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars are represented by collections of squares equal to their value. In this way, the area pieces can be used to model and compute with fractions and decimals.

This virtual version of money value pieces is an open-ended educational tools, ideal for elementary classrooms and other learning environments.  You can use this app as a whole group mini-lesson, use it on iPads, devices, computers, etc.  Great for BYOD classrooms too.





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