Webinar Wednesday – 5 Reasons to try 5 Fabulous Presentation Apps this Summer

Launch your classroom to new heights next year! Spend some time this summer playing with free presentation apps to share with your students and get them using technology to create and solve problems. You can easily add two components of the Digital Age Classroom-engaging instructional strategies that use multiple tech tools. Our final Webinar Wednesday for this spring will provide you an overview of five fabulous presentation apps and five reasons to give them a try.

Webinar Wednesday will be May 18 via Skype with the elementary session at 3:00 pm and middle/high session at 7:00 pm. Its topic will be “5 Reasons to Try 5 Fabulous Presentation Apps this Summer.” Your hosts will be Ellen Adams and Joy Gaines. Rhonda Dye will serve as the moderator. Remember…if you are unable to join the live sessions, recordings will be posted on this blog the next day.

*Please try to download the 5 Fabulous Apps before the webinar: ChatterPix Kids, Educreations, Telegami, and ThingLink. Adobe Voice will be used with Middle/High and Shadow Puppet Edu will be used with Elementary.

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Missed any webinars this Spring? It’s not too late! Check out the recordings on Webinar Wednesday page! You can view the webinar any time after the live broadcast by accessing its link. Don’t forget to share the excitement of and tweet about where you were for this week’s CCSD InTech Webinars. We hope you will be able to join us and learn more about these 5 Fabulous Presentation Apps!

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Download the pdf here.

InTech Webinar Wed MAY18

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