Welcome Back! Let’s team together to build your Digital Age Classroom!

The Cobb County School District’s Instructional Technology Team welcomes all teachers, students, and staff back to school!

In classrooms every day, teachers monitor student progress, implement engaging instructional strategies, model Digital Citizenship, and use a variety of digital academic resources and tools for teaching and learning.  We are excited to help you transform your classroom to a Digital Age Classroom.

The elements of the Digital Age Classroom are seen in the Thinglink graphic below.  When you hover over each element of the Digital Age Classroom, you can discover tools and resources to transform your teaching and learning in the digital age. If you want to learn more about the elements and how to implement them in your classroom, reach out to your local TTIS.

Who is my TTIS?

Do you want help with technology integration within your classroom?  Contact your local school’s TTIS.  You can find out who is assigned to your school by clicking the Staff link on our Instructional Technology webpage or click on your level’s link below.  

Elementary School Assignment   

Middle School Assignment

High School Assignment 


Did you get the iRespond 7.1 update?

There are several enhancements included in the iRespond 7.1 update, so make sure you have it downloaded!  The iRespond system was updated over the summer to iRespond Version 7.1.  Please check your teacher laptop and see if you have the newest version.  How do you know if you have the latest version? You should NOT have the iRespond Part 2 icon on your laptop. Part 2 is no longer necessary for iRespond to work correctly.  If you do see the iRespond Part 2 icon on your laptop, your software is not updated.  Please follow steps 1-3 in the graphic below to ensure you have the most up to date version. 

iRespond Part2

Attention Model & Cohort Schools: If you would like to receive the latest iRespond and CTLS Updates, please subscribe to the CTLS Enhancement blog at http://www.cobblearning.net/ctls/.  You can also access our CTLS Enhancement Blog via CTLS in the list of links on the left hand side.  The subscribe feature is located in the right sidebar.  

Connecting a personal device to the CCSD network?

Attention all BYOD classrooms! The CCSDBYOD network will be going away soon. COSIGNORADIUS is the new wireless network to connect personal (BYOD) devices to the CCSD network.  Staff and students will log on to COSIGNO with their CCSD credentials. This network will allow students and staff to have the same privileges on their personal devices that they have when logged into a school computer. (i.e. Teachers will have access to YouTube.) To learn more, please visit the “Bring Your Own Device” page under the Innovative Learning section in our InTech website. Click here to access.  

Want to learn more about the Digital Age Classroom and how to use various Tech Tools?   

Join the TTIS Department for Webinar Wednesday.  Elementary sessions will begin at 3:00 pm and Middle/High session will begin at 5:00 pm. If you are not available to join the live sessions, you can watch the recorded webinars posted after our live sessions. Our recorded sessions from last year are also located on our blog site! Find out more on the Webinar Wednesday Blog Page.



The CCSD Instructional Technology (CCSD InTech) team wants to learn with you!  Join our professional learning networks on Twitter and Edmodo!   Follow the CCSD InTech team at @CCSDInTech!  Use the following hashtags to learn and share: #CCSDInTech, #engagecobb, #EdTech, & #digitalageclassroom.

The Cobb County School District Instructional Technology Team is looking forward to partnering with you and your classroom this year! 

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