Connecting Students and Curriculum with Distance Learning!

Distance learning is growing in Cobb County School District.  During Spring semester 2016, all high schools received CISCO Telepresence equipment that allows for distance learning. In distance learning, one school teaches the class to students at that school as well as students at a second school. Currently, the following courses are being taught in the county:   ad_distancelearning_jan4

  • Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II is being taught from Walton High School to Dickerson Middle School;
  • American Sign Language I is being taught from Kennesaw Mountain High School to Hillgrove High School;
  • German I is being taught from Osborne High School to Campbell High School; and
  • Multivariable Calculus is being taught from Wheeler High School to Allatoona High School.

The amazing thing about distance learning is that by using the CISCO Telepresence equipment, students across the county are connecting and learning from the same teacher! The American Sign Language I class was recently profiled in a Teacher Highlight by CCSD InTech. Additionally, there is a distinct possibility that this equipment could be used going forward to expose students to expert speakers, provide virtual field trips, and much more.

Not only is distance learning a possibility for providing classes that previously would not make it due to low registration at a school, it is also an excellent opportunity for professional learning! In November 2016, Kathy Arnold, Cobb Supervisor for Specialized Teaching and Learning, utilized the distance learning labs at Hillgrove High School and South Cobb High School to provide professional development for Special Education teachers. Teachers were very receptive to the new form of training, and Mrs. Arnold intends for this to be a recurring event for her department!

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