Safe Online Searching for Cobb Students and Teachers

Looking for a safe online avenue for students to conduct research? Look no further than netTrekker. netTrekker is an Open Education Resource Library from Knovation. netTrekker gives students access to 360,000 digital resources all curated and tagged for easy, safe student searches. There are many options available for searching including keywords, standards, subject areas, grade levels, tools, images, famous people, etc. Students may explore their own resources through netTrekker or classes may be created with specific resources picked by a teacher. ad_nettrekker_1_2017

Students and Teachers may access netTrekker through the Cobb Digital Library or by visiting Teachers should log in with their badge id and “teacher” and students log in with their school id and “student”. Check out the netTrekker Support Center for more information. Also, the Knovation netTrekker Blog has good ideas and resources for using netTrekker in the classroom.

Contact your local TTIS for more support and information. 

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