Microsoft Skype – Building a Classroom without Walls!

Microsoft Skype is a great tool to help your students access the world.  Skype is preloaded on district laptops and can be used to quickly and easily connect with teachers and classes around the district and beyond! The CCSD InTech Department offers a wealth of information on how to get started.  Additionally, the CCSD InTech Department will be presenting a variety of children’s books via Skype on Thursday, March 2, 2017, for the annual Read Across America Day. This event is a great opportunity to try out Skype in your classroom in a low pressure setting! More information will be available on the CCSD InTech blog soon.

Skype in your classroom:

  • Love a good mystery? Consider a Mystery Skype lesson. In this use of Skype, you will connect with another classroom across the school, country, or the globe. Students have a limited number of questions to discover where in the world the other class is located.
  • Need a guest speaker?Are you getting ready to teach an interesting new topic with your students but feel as though you could use some expert assistance? Find a guest speaker on Microsoft’s Education site. Some of these experts are willing to speak to your class for free!
  • Want to take your students on amazing field trips without leaving your classroom? Consider signing up for a virtual field trip such as visiting a primate rescue center in the United Kingdom, talking to Jennifer Nolan about sea turtles, or touring the Lisbon Zoo to learn about animal evolution. Many of these field trips are free!
  • Want to engage parents or community members? Invite them to be mystery readers via Skype, share about their careers for career lessons, or model real world applications of the content you are teaching.

Want more help? Reach out to your local school’s TTIS.

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