The Edublogger

We all have our favorite educational blogs. Places we go for ideas, guidance, and opportunities. Have you ever considered starting your own educational blog?

There are many benefits to blogging about your professional experiences. Blogging can help you reflect on your practice and give you a voice in the larger community. By developing a professional learning network through blogging, you improve the transparency of your classroom and connect with other educators who can help and support your growth. Who knows? It may lead you to new career opportunities such as conference presentations or book authoring.

If you are ready to try out an educational blog, start with The EdubloggerThis blogging resource will provide you with advice for getting started and how-to-guides. Be sure to check out other bloggers’ stories in Sue Water’s post Why Educators Blog: The Challenges, Benefits And Tips For Getting Started. 

The Cobb County School District is pleased to provide a Pro-type account with Edublog blogging service for all staff. Click this link to learn more about Cobb Learning’s Edublogs and create an account. 

For more information or help creating your new blog, contact your local TTIS.

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