CTLS can dance THE TANGO!

CTLS Phase 1 – Student Progress Monitoring System, where our student data drives our instruction now has a quick turn and strut directly into CTLS Phase 2 – Resources, where teachers have a quick one-stop motion for all their planning and teaching needs.

Can you do the CTLS Tango? Follow these easy directions to glide effortlessly from one side of CTLS and back the other direction at your own beat.

When in SPM… Phase1 CTLS Student Progress Monitoring










Look to the left for…





This LOGO is the quick turn to the Resource side Phase 2 of CTLS. There is a reminder next to it to click on the logo for transition.

Ready to go back again? Resources to SPM move…

SPM available under My Links as your first stop and turn.









For more information, please contact your local TTIS. 

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