Digital Workflow Enhancements with Edmodo

Recently, Edmodo released several powerful enhancements designed to support and improve digital workflow in the Digital Age Classroom. Teachers and students will find that these enhancements streamline the distribution and collection of assignments in Edmodo, making the process more efficient.  Check out some of these awesome enhancements:

Digital Copying:
Save time by using Edmodo’s new copy feature. With a couple simple clicks, you can send each student a copy of an assignment.

Immediate Availability of Assignments:
When you use the new copy feature described above, students have immediate access to a copy of their assignment. Without any additional steps, students can instantly begin working on their assignment.

Automatic Sharing:
These new features allow teachers to have access to assigned student work without any additional sharing or uploading of completed assignments.

Connect with Office 365:
Edmodo offers a powerful connection with Office 365, allowing the workflow process to be significantly more efficient and connecting Edmodo with even more digital tools.

If you’d like to learn more about these awesome enhancements or would like any support with Edmodo, please reach out to your local Technology Training Integration Specialist (TTIS).

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