Swapping It Up!

Need a way to spice things up a little in your Distance Learning class? Why not take a day and swap it up? Earlier this month, Ms. Brenda Slater, who teaches Advanced Geometry B/Advanced Algebra 2 from North Cobb, decided to travel for a day over to Allatoona High School to teach there. It was a big surprise to both groups of students! Students at Allatoona got the awesome opportunity to meet their teacher in person rather than just seeing her on screen. Students at North Cobb got to experience distance learning from the opposite perspective.

Allatoona students enjoyed getting to meet Ms. Slater and are looking forward to doing it again soon. North Cobb students said that it was a little different seeing their teacher on screen rather than in person, but that it was just as easy to receive feedback and assistance when they needed it. Way to go, Ms. Slater!

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