Are you using Forms to its full potential?

You can now customize Forms even more! Check out the newest features that improve functionality and allow you to further personalize your Forms.

Stay updated with email notification. 

  • Microsoft Forms now allows for email notification, once a response has been given. If you are wanting to be notified, via email, when someone has completed your Form, navigate to the Settings of your Form and select ‘Email notification of each response’.

Branching allows for more detailed Forms. 

  • Forms is also capable to perform branching. When building your Form, use the ellipses button (…), then select Branching.
  • Using the branching feature, you are able to guide students to specific questions based on the answer they chose from the question before.
  • This feature helps teachers differentiate their lessons and meet students at their level. Students that are able to answer the questions correctly can have their Form branch to more difficult questions, where students that are unable to select he correct answer, will have the Form branch to alternative questions to help build their skills.

Personalize your Forms with Images

  • Microsoft Forms also allows you to personalize with images. Images can be added as questions, along with themes. Forms has recently expanded their options for colors and themes, but also allows you to upload your own image to further personalize.

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