5 Ways to Use Microsoft in the Classroom

5 Ways to use Microsoft in the ClassroomAre you looking for ways to use to use Microsoft tools in the classroom? Check out the following ideas:

  1. OneNote – Do you feel like you have to look here, there, and everywhere for where you have stored content, lessons, notes, emails, and activities? Why not house all your information in one place? OneNote is a digital storage space that will help you organize ALL aspects of your teaching in ONE location, making it easy to locate and share! Talk about a game changer! Learn more about OneNote. 
  2. Class Notebook – Create an online environment where all of your classroom materials, resources, and students’ work are all in one place. OneNote Class Notebook allows you to create a Content Library where your lesson materials are safe in the read only environment. Students can collaborate in the Collaboration Space as they work on projects and activities. Lastly, students are able to turn in their work in their personal section that is only viewable by the student and teacher. Learn more about Class Notebook.
  3. Sway – Create easy presentations that help students focus on the content instead of the design with Sway. Sway has a built in Bing Image search function that allows students to quickly add images to their content.  Multiple students can also collaborate in real time, while creating within the same Sway. Learn more about Sway.
  4. Forms – Create a quick Ticket out the Door or gather information about your students in a quick survey in Microsoft Forms.  Share the link via the URL shortner and QR code creator Shoutkey.com for a quick and easy assessment.  Easily look at the results within Forms or download it to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.  Learn more about Microsoft Forms.
  5. Skype – Connect with other classrooms across Cobb or the world for a Mystery Skype.  A simple activity to get you started is to do a Mystery Number Skype.  Have each classroom select a number. Each classroom then tries to guess the number in the format of a 20 Questions game. Help your students understand place value, even/odd, greater than/less than, and other number concepts in this quick, easy, and engaging format. Some sample questions might include:  Is the number a 3 digit number?  Is the number even? Is the number larger than 50?  Learn more about Skype in the Classroom.

Contact your TTIS for support with these tools.

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