Finding the Pot of Gold in Blended Learning

Blended LearningBlended learning is defined by many as combining traditional classroom learning with online learning. This allows students, in part, to control some of their learning, especially the pace, place, and [time] period. Many teachers find this method a great way of transitioning to a technology-rich classroom. Here are some tips to help you get started in the blended learning journey.

#1: Plan, plan, and then plan some more. Where will the students go to get the resources? Where will they turn in their digital work? Check out this digital workflow list for ideas on where to get started.

#2: Be patient.  As with trying anything for the first time, there will be successes and failures. Practice a growth mindset and stick with it. Visit this page for some engaging instructional strategies to help kick start this new adventure.

#3: Use your resources. There are so many online places to visit and people who can help you that you shouldn’t feel like an island. Connect with a professional learning network (PLN) on Twitter by searching for #blendedlearning. Look at the academic resources listed here.

Reach out to your local TTIS for help in finding a place to get started.

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