Microsoft Dictate: A New Addition Provided via Microsoft’s Accessibility Focus

Microsoft DictateDo you wish you could simply speak to a Word document and have your text appear?  Do you have students who struggle with gathering their thoughts when writing? This add-in allows you to speak to text and is a new Microsoft Word feature.  Dictation appears as a new menu tab.  Simply click on the Start microphone and begin dictating your words.  You can even speak in one language and have it translate into another. 





How do I get this tool? You can download Microsoft Dictate from the Software Center.  Simply type Software Center in your Windows 10 search box.  Open the Software Center application.  Either scroll through the applications to find Microsoft Dictate or use the search box in the upper right corner to locate it.  Once you have located the application, simply download it to your computer. 


Want to know more?

Check out Microsoft Dictate here.

Learn more about Microsoft’s commitment to making software more accessible here.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Technology Training/Integration Specialist (TTIS)

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