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Dig Cit Summer PLEarning a Cobb Digital Citizenship Certificate has never been easier. Login, read, respond, and get certified! Personalized learning takes the plunge and travels with you wherever you choose. Your place, your timeframe, your choice… online. It is worth your time.

“This course was helpful in so many ways. I liked the refresher on using Edmodo and Twitter to connect with other educators. After learning more about NetTrekker, I wished I had used it this year. I used it years ago but had forgotten about this great resource. I like the fact that I can keep my students safe while they search for resources online. I will use it more starting this week!” -Kelly Jones, Cobb teacher

Modules are preset with all the information needed to quickly access resources during the simple assessment process.

Module 1 Intro to Digital CitizenshipModule 1: Introduction to Digital Citizenship
The focus of Module 1 is to build awareness and basic understanding of digital citizenship in the context of schools and classrooms. The essential elements of digital citizenship, as well as information about teaching of these skills are explored through the resources in the module. This module provides a foundation for the content covered in the remaining modules. This module should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Module 2 Applying Digital CitizenshipModule 2: Applying Digital Citizenship
Module 2 takes a deep dive into the standards related to teaching digital citizenship in K-12 classrooms. This module builds a connection between the concept of digital citizenship and the application of digital citizenship knowledge and skill development with students. In this module, participants will also learn about laws and district policies in place to protect students in an ever-changing digital society.  This module will take approximately one hour.

Module 3 Teaching Digital Citizenship in Cobb ClassroomsModule 3: Teaching Digital Citizenship in Cobb Classrooms
In Module 3, participants will learn about and explore a variety of digital tools and resources that are available to Cobb County School District teachers that support the teaching and application of digital citizenship knowledge and skills. Through this module, participants will explore the CCSDInTech Digital Citizenship website as well as a robust online resource, netTrekker. This module will take approximately one hour.

Module 4 Preparing and Empowering Digital CitizensModule 4: Preparing and Empowering Digital Citizens
Module 4 focuses on developing and empowering students as digital learners. Participants will learn about the importance of preparing students to be positive members and contributors of digital age communities. Powerful digital citizenship instructional resources, like NetSmartz and Common Sense Media are deeply explored in this module. This module will take approximately one hour.

Module 5 Putting It All TogetherModule 5: Pulling It All Together
In Module 5, participants will explore how to continue the digital citizenship learning and conversation via digital professional learning networks. Twitter and Edmodo resources and connections for digital citizenship PLNs will be explored. This module also includes a course evaluation and reflection. This module will take approximately 45 minutes.

To sign up for Cobb’s Digital Citizenship Certification, go to CTLS Teach and click on the PL Courses Tab on the left. If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to your local TTIS.

Access fantastic resource links to lessons for Digital Citizenship engagement by Grade Level or Digital Element on Cobb’s Instructional Technology’s website.


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