Microsoft Forms – There’s a Setting for That!

Frequently asked questions about FormsAs more people are using Forms across the school district, Cobb’s Instructional Technology team thought it would be good to share some answers to frequently asked questions.


Can I limit responses?
If sharing the Form in an “only people in my organization can respond” manner, you can limit responses to one response per person. You cannot limit responses if the Form is shared with an “anyone with the link” option.

Forms start and end date


Can I limit the date and time my Form is active?
Yes. Click on the ellipse … in the top right corner.  Select settings.  Edit the start date and/or end date to customize the window for accepting responses from the Form.



Can I reuse a Form?
Yes! You can reuse a Form by utilizing several methods.

  • Delete responses from the Form.
    • One way is to download your responses from the Form in an Excel spreadsheet, save the spreadsheet, and then delete all responses within the Form itself. This will give you the spreadsheet of the “old” data, but allow you to reuse the Form for new data collection. This method is great for information that you need to collect in a short window of time and it isn’t necessary to keep the actual data in the Form. To use “Delete all responses,” open the Form, click on the Responses Tab, click the ellipse just above Open in Excel, select delete all responses.
  • Copy the Form
    • To do this open your Forms app in Office 365. Click on the ellipse on the top right corner of the Form tile that you want to copy. Select copy from the pop up menu. This copy link can be sent to others.
  • Duplicate the Form
    • Duplicate Form allows you to provide your Form for others to use. They will duplicate your Form in their Office 365 account and their edits and data collection will not impact your Form. To Duplicate your Form follow these steps. Open your Form. Click on Share. Click on get a link to duplicate, found under the share as a template option. This duplicate link can be sent to others.

Want to learn more about Forms? Check out the CCSD InTech Office 365 page or Microsoft Support: Creating a Form.

Contact your local school’s TTIS for additional support.

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