Graduating, Retiring, or Leaving the District? Backup Your Office 365 Documents

Leaving the District? Download and save your O365 files.If exiting the District, make sure you download your Office 365 files prior to your account becoming deactivated.  Students have 180 days from their last day with Cobb to download their files. Employees need to transfer files ASAP because their accounts will become deactivated with the completion of HR paperwork.

Most files can simply be downloaded onto a personal computer, external storage device, or personal cloud-based storage account.  OneNote Notebooks should be exported as a package in order to maintain functionality of the notebook.  Be aware that sharing links will no longer be active once files are downloaded.  In addition, make sure to transfer important documents that were created by a colleague you still want to access to after they depart. 

To Save OneNote Notebooks 

  1. Open the OneNote you want to save in OneNote 2016Note: If you do not have the OneNote in OneNote 2016, open it in Office 365 and select edit in OneNote 2016. 
  2. Click File. 
  3. Click Export .
  4. Select Notebook
  5. Select OneNote Package
  6. Click Export.

To Download Files 

  1. Open OneDrive within Office 365. 
  2. Hover over your file or file folder and click on the circle that appears to the left of the file name.  Note: You can select more than one document at a time by clicking on multiple circles prior to clicking on download.  It works best to do one folder at a time.  If you are downloading large files, being hardwired helps speed up the process.
  3. Click Download from the file options at the top of the screen.
  4. A pop up may appear asking if you want to open or save the file or folder. Click save and it will appear in your downloads or select Save as (utilizing the carrot by the word save) and navigate to the specific location you want to save documents. 

To Save an Exiting Colleague’s Files

  • This can be handled in multiple ways.  One way to handle this situation is to have them download their documents onto an external drive and then upload those documents to the school SharePoint Site. 
  • Another way is to save these documents is to open the shared documents or shared folders and do a file save as and save them into your own 365 account. 
  • If you need help copying or saving files from SharePoint or Teams, click here.

Remember, you can create a free Microsoft OneDrive Account for personal files by following the directions on this page.   

Contact your local school’s TTIS for additional support.

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