Outlook Migration is in the Cloud!

Have You Heard the News? Outlook Migration is in the Cloud!

Cobb County School District has migrated all Outlook email accounts to the cloud, and Instructional Technology wants to provide tips for a smooth transition.

Outlook 2016 and Outlook within Office 365 remain synced.  You can check your email through either version at school or home using your teacher laptop.  If you are on a personal device, you need to log in via Office 365 to access your work email.

You can now sync your CCSD Email Account to the Outlook App on your personal phone with the following directions for iOS and Android.

EMA will still operate as normal-if you need to recover a deleted email.  Note: If you do not see the EMA folder, submit a work order.

Email signatures may need to be recreated.  It is best practice to create a signature for your email, so others can easily identify your role and location within the District. Use the following directions for Online Signature and Desktop Signature. 

Review your shared calendar access, and make sure they are showing up properly in Outlook.  If not, then you can re-add a shared calendar to your Outlook desktop application.

It is best practice to check your junk folder to make sure important emails are not being incorrectly filtered.  The junk folder utilizes a more rigorous sorting system than our district wide SPAM filter.  Some items may unintentionally appear there.  If you are expecting an email and do not see it, check your junk mail folder.

Consider organizing your CCC or a committee with a Contact Group or Microsoft Group.  You are able to Create a Contact Group in Outlook, or use Microsoft Groups to create a group planner and site.

Be sure to check out Technology Services’ technical support and instructional support web pages for continued updates and troubleshooting tips. Contact your local school TTIS for additional support.

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