Minecraft in the Classroom

Minecraft in the Classroom

Have you heard students talking endlessly about Minecraft? It’s no wonder because a Minecraft world is full of endless possibilities! Children of all ages, as well as adults, love to create and build in this simulation game. 

Educators worldwide have found that children are learning all types of content in this pixilated world. With no instruction manual, children have learned to play, build, and create modifications for Minecraft. All the while, they are learning how to problem solve, think critically, and collaborate with others-definitely skills we want to grow in our students. 

In Minecraft, teachers and students can create worlds to replicate scenes from books they are studying, rebuild structures from history, learn about slope, explore the elements of chemistry, and so much more. Minecraft can easily be incorporated into your curriculum for all grade levels. 

To get started, just download Minecraft Education Edition from Software Center with your Office 365 account information and maintain an open mind with a lot of imagination.  

Learn more by checking out the InTech Minecraft Resources, and follow @playcraftlearn on Twitter. Don’t forget to contact your local TTIS for additional support on your Minecraft journey! 



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