Five Reasons to Treat Your Students to AR/VR

5 Reasons to Treat Your Students to Augmented REality and Virtual RealityAugmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are fantastic ways to introduce content to your students.  Augmented reality is defined as bringing digital elements to a user’s real-world experience. The game Pokémon Go is a great example. Virtual reality is where technology is used to create a completely simulated environment such as a virtual field trip using headsets. Here are five reasons to “treat” your students to this new experience.

1. Increased student engagement-When using AR or VR, students are completely absorbed in learning, and many don’t want the lessons to end.

2. Greater content retention-Students can retain more information when they are actively engaged.

3. Teaches “Future-Ready” SkillsAR/VR is such a revolutionary technology that using it with students is another way of preparing them to be global citizens in the growing digital world.

4. Students become content creators-Students can create new content from current knowledge using AR/VR technologies and continue to learn.

5. Make global connections-Lack of field trip funding is no problem with virtual reality! Your students can visit almost anywhere by just accessing an app.

Interested in finding out different ways to integrate AR and VR in your classroom? Contact your local TTIS to begin your journey!

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