Get the Most from Outlook

FAQs about OutlookHere are a few tips to be sure you are getting the most from Outlook migration… 

Outlook Desktop App/Outlook 2016 still functions normally.  You can check your email using the desktop app or online in Office 365. 

Work Offline stops updates from syncing to your desktop application. If you are not receiving email or calendar updates, the most common solution is to make sure you do not have work offline accidently checked.  Just open Outlook 2016 from the desktop, and click Send/Receive tab.  On the ribbon, click Work Offline.

Time zone settings are important.  If you notice odd times in your Outlook calendar, it is likely because either your calendar or the creator of the calendar appointment has time zone defaults that are not correct.  To set your time zone follow these steps: Open Office 365 and click on settings cog in top right corner of screen.  Type “time” in the search box and click language and time zone.  Then, select Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Access EMA via the desktop. EMA is still available to search for emails that have been deleted; however, you should access it from Outlook 2016 on the desktop.

Calendar permissions should be checked. The easiest way to check permissions is via Outlook in Office 365.  Open Office 365, open Outlook, and then open Calendar using the icon in bottom left corner of the screen.  Click Share at top of calendar and adjust permission levels. The permissions levels will allow shared calendar recipients to see full details on the calendar or only when you are free or busy. 

More Outlook resources can be found on the Instructional Technology Office 365 & Outlook 2016 webpage.

If you have questions or need support with Outlook, please reach out to your local school TTIS

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