Updating from iOS11 to iOS12 on iPads

Updating from iOS11 to iOS12 on iPads

Updating from iOS11 to iOS12 is easy, but what do you need to know before you complete the process?  Check out iOS 12 information and tools that will enhance iPads in your Digital Age Classroom.    

1) Increased Speed

Apple has shared that the new update will make older devices run faster. All iPads that are compatible with iOS 11 will also work on iOS 12.

2) Screen Time

In Settings, you will notice the addition of Screen Time. Under Screen Time, you will find data on how much time has been spent on the device and you can discover which apps are used most. You can even manage which apps students can access and set time limits for app or device usage. 

3) Measure App

A new app called Measure will appear on your device with the iOS 12 update. Measure takes advantage of AR capability and it can auto detect shapes allowing users to instantly measure objects. 

For support in updating your iPads or learning more about these new tools, contact your local school TTIS.


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