New Year, New Goals – 3 Microsoft Tools to Try and Why

As you begin the New Year and resolve to try new things, add at least one of the following Microsoft tools to your list:

1) OneNote App  

If you haven’t tried the OneNote app yet, there are some great features there you won’t find in OneNote Online or OneNote 2016. Check out Replay, a feature that replays what was added to a page. The Math feature will help students with solving simple and even complex equations. And don’t forget to check out the Pens, especially the Galaxy pen. 

2) Microsoft Forms 

Gathering student information is easy with Forms but adding a Branching feature personalizes learning for students giving them a unique form based on their needs. If a student gets a question incorrect when taking a quiz, the teacher can guide him or her to more information that will lead to discovery of the answer. You can add comments and links to websites or videos to support immediate student learning.

3) PowerPoint 

A Click-to-Run update from the CCSD Software Center will give you the ability to jazz up your PowerPoints with things like the morph transition, easy-to-use design ideas, and the addition of a 3D image library. 

For further resources, check out the Instructional Technology web page or contact your local Technology Training/Integration Specialist.

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