Mining Digital Literacy Resources: Silver and Gold

Learn tips to help you dig into some credible resources and improve your digital literacy.

GOLD Miningin Address Identifications

.gov – state and federal government agencies
.edu – K-12 schools, colleges, or universities
.org – professional and institutional organizations reporting their research studies and reports Note: Anyone can purchase a .org web address
.com – commercial sites made by individuals, businesses, and news organizations Note:  These sites are sometimes for profit, but it is important to note that most news organization have a .com web address. 

SILVER Mining…in Citing the Work of Others

• Is the site credible?
• Who authored the article?
• Is the author an expert?
• How do you know the author has expert status?
• Is there information about the author or producer of the information?
• Is more mining needed on the author or provider of the information?
• Check out any “about” sections.

TIME…for Clarity

• How current is the information?
• Check dates included in the article.
• Are there extended supporting resources available?

For additional resources, check out the Instructional Technology web page for Digital Citizenship.  Reach out to your local school TTIS for support.

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