How Should I File This?

Where do I save?

With the T drive’s end of life and teacher laptop refresh happening during summer 2019, we encourage you to consider a range of choices when you save files.  Here are some possible storage locations and tips on how they are best used:   

OneDrive – Think of OneDrive as the H drive in the cloud and begin saving your own work-related items there. OneDrive is the best place for documents that do not apply to other people or those you want to keep private.  If you have purchased only one copy of a downloadable document, it should also be saved in your OneDrive.  You can share both files and folders from OneDrive and have complete control of who can see and edit any file you share.  OneDrive files can be shared with anyone-inside or outside the District.  

SharePoint – SharePoint is the cloud-based replacement for the T drive.  Save non-copyrighted, shareable items that are used by a grade level, department, or an entire staff year after year in SharePoint.  Only people within the school can see and edit the school SharePoint files.   

Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Teams allows you to share files and have conversations- all in one location.  It is a great choice for file sharing within a grade level, department, or similar subject within and across schools.   

External Hard Drive – An external hard drive is the best choice for a backup location, archiving files that are not presently used, and for saving files when exiting the District.  

Below are some recommendations for how to save and share different types of files:  


Scenario  OneDrive  SharePoint  Microsoft Teams 
2 teachers share a digital Excel file with student grades  Save in OneDrive with edit rights added only for those who need access 
1 copy of a purchased digital resource  Save in OneDrive and do not share to avoid copyright infringement 
Shared instructional resources created within the school and used year after year  Save in SharePoint giving teachers access even if the original creator leaves the school Teams is another option to maintain shared resources
Any files that only 1 teacher uses, especially those with student information Save in OneDrive because others do not need access.   
Shared Lesson Plan  Can be stored in OneDrive and shared with others  x   Teams allows users to share collaborative items that are likely to change
Class Pictures  Store in OneDrive 
School Schedules  Can be stored in a Shared folder or OneNote  Can be stored in a file folder or OneNote in SharePoint.  Can be shared via the OneNote or Files tab in Teams 


Contact your local school TTIS for additional support.

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