Lasso Those Links: Gather Your Student Sways

Ways to Collect LinksSway is growing in popularity across Cobb County Schools.  One of the most commonly asked questions is, “How do I collect student Sways?”

A Sway must be shared via a share link when used by student coauthors or as an assignment submission. Unfortunately, Sway cannot be shared in such a way that it will appear in the shared section of OneDrive like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.   

Here are some suggested ways to share and collect Sway links.

  • Use a digital workflow tool OneNote Class Notebook, Edmodo, Seesaw, or other tools allow teachers and students to post content. For example, in Class Notebook, students could copy and paste their links to either a page in their personal section or to a page in the collaboration section.  If links are shared with editing rights in a Class Notebook Collaboration space, other students can coauthor by clicking on the link.   
  • Maximize sharing via OneDriveShare a folder with editing rights with everyone in the class.  Add a Word document to the folder to collect links. Students will be able to open the folder and Word document from their Shared section of OneDrive and paste the Sway link.  To save time, you may want to create a Word document with a table of student names listed as a template.  Each time you need to collect links, simply use “save as” to copy and title it the new assignment name.  Make sure you save the copy of the new document to the shared folder or students will not have access to enter their Sway links. 
  • Collect links with Microsoft Forms – Students enter their name and Sway link in the Form and you can easily open an Excel spreadsheet with all the links.  Since the Form share link is long, use a URL shortener like or so students can quickly and easily type the URL. In addition, you can also embed the Form in a shared OneNote, Sway, or your class blog/website to collect links. 
  • Student use of URL Shorteners – Students can use URL shortener websites like or to create short URLs of their Sway share link to have other students quickly type in to access the Sway.  

Remember that you can control who has access to edit and view Sway links via the Share button options.   

Contact your local school TTIS for additional support. 

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