SMART Monster Meet Up

Mee Four SMART MonstersThose SMART Monsters are real…and they are really SMART, too!  The colorful SMART Monsters featured in many learning activities and games are full of personality, and each character has unique insight on great ways to engage learners as you leverage SMART tools and resources in your classroom. 

Be inspired as these four SMART Monsters share their recommendations for creating an interactive classroom culture for your digital age learners!   

SMART - Cristal - AccountabilityMeet Accountability Cristal!  She is all about teamwork and supporting you in holding students accountable for contributing to their team’s success with a Monster Quiz.   



SMART - Bolly - CommunicationCommunication Bolly takes pleasure in learning with friends. She recommends inking and screen capturing for visual learners, and she loves a Shout it Out Activity for students to share their knowledge and ideas with classmates.   



SMART - Sverre - CollaborationCollaboration Sverre thinks converting a SMART Notebook page to a shared workspace in Smart Learning Suite Online will have your students building on one another’s ideas in no time.   



SMART - Icebox - Critical_ThinkingIcebox promotes critical thinking through multiple elements available in SMART Notebook.  He says to try SMART blocks to sequence ideas and events.  Icebox also urges 3D objects for multi perspective viewing.  



Click here to learn more about more SMART Monsters and how you can transform your classroom instruction with SMART Labs and SMART Learning Suite OnlineContact your local school TTIS for additional support.


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