Digital Literacy: Beyond Lucky, Be Savvy

Building Critical Thinking Skills

“Whether you call it media literacy, news literacy, digital literacy, or information literacy, it all deals with building critical-thinking skills.”

-Clark Bell, McCormick Foundation

The preparation of our students in recognizing and deciphering media sources as either credible or promotional is of highest importance. Today our students are constantly interacting with media intentionally, but they are also as passive consumers. Many students are unable to determine what informational reality is because the reality they see most often is scripted. Digital display of information for learning is now the primary delivery model, so student interaction with digitized text and tools is becoming an open field of intake and output.

It’s time to distinguish savvy students from the lucky ones with media interaction by preparing our students with the practical skills they need to critically analyze media.

Click here for a helpful guide for teachers on the importance of media literacy.

Click here to view K-12 curriculum resources that can be used to prepare students.  

For more resources on guiding your students with digital literacy visit the Cobb InTech Digital Citizenship Website.



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