Engage Your Students with BrainPOP

Teachers all know and love BrainPOP as a great supplement to lessons. But…did you know that all CCSD teachers and students have access to their own individual BrainPOP accounts?  Just log in through Cobb Digital Library, and you can experience all the features BrainPOP has to offer. 

BrainPOP is more than just the movies.  It can help take your teaching to the next level and truly engage your students. Students can create their own BrainPOP movies or demonstrate their understanding of a topic by creating Concept Maps. Teachers can eliminate mindless game play by using Snap Thought where students take screenshots of the games they play in BrainPOP and then reflect on the decisions they make while playing. 

When Cobb teachers log into BrainPOP through Cobb Digital Library, all class rosters are pre-loaded allowing the creation of assignments for students that can be submitted through BrainPOP. You can also keep track of what students are watching and doing in BrainPOP. 

Students can access BrainPOP at school and home by logging into Cobb Digital Library from any device connected to the Internet.  

If you have any questions, please contact your local school TTIS. They will be glad to help you dig deeper into BrainPOP! 


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