OneDrive Sync Client

The OneDrive Sync Client update allows teachers and students to save items, including non-Microsoft items, to OneDrive in a streamlined, more efficient way. 

One example of how OneDrive Sync Client makes saving more efficient is that it works better with Cobb Digital Library resources. Currently, if a teacher or student wants to save a copy of a picture from a Cobb Digital Library Resource like Britannica Image Quest to their OneDrive, they would have to first save the image to their desktop or documents. Then upload it to Office 365. 

With the upgrade to OneDrive Sync Client, they will simply right click on that same picture found in Britannica Image Quest, select save image, and select OneDrive from the File Explorer pop-up menu. This is a time saver and eliminates multiple steps.








How does the OneDrive Sync Client Work?

With OneDrive Sync Client, you will now see your OneDrive documents in File Explorer as OneDrive-Cobb County School District. Documents with a green check mark signal that the document is currently synced to your computer. Files with a blue cloud represent documents that are not synced to your computer.  However, once you click to open a file, it will quickly open and sync to your computer.

Ways to manage the sync client

When right clicking on the entire OneDrive-Cobb County School District folder or a specific folder or file in the OneDrive you have options to:

Files or folders in which you choose to ‘Always Keep on this Device’ will allow users to have use of these files without having to have the sync client sync them down from the cloud via the internet. Users would want to use this if they are going to be working offline and want access to files when not connected to the internet.

The ‘Free up Space’ feature will allow users to free up space on the device, especially if receiving an error message that the computer is about to run out of storage. This process does not delete the file, but it un-syncs the file from the computer and leaves it in OneDrive. Also, if a teacher has a large file or folder on the computer and has moved it into their OneDrive-Cobb County School District, then the ‘Free up Space’ feature can be used to have the file or folder un-synced from the computer, but it will still be stored in OneDrive. 

The changes to computers are minimal with a small blue cloud icon appearing in the black task bar near the time and date.  You will also notice the appearance of a OneDrive option in the File Explorer pop-up menu any time save is selected.





OneDrive Sync Client is only accessible on Windows 10 devices.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Technology Training/Integration Specialist.

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