Office 365: Sharing with the Right Person

Same Name Different O365 Usernames

Do you have a student or colleague with the same name as another student or employee within the Cobb School District? 

When you have this scenario, the easiest and most accurate way to share documents within Office 365 is to type the person’s Office 365 ID instead of just typing his or her name. Then you can be sure that you have the correct set of randomly assigned digits that designate the user.   

Instead of typing Thomas Smith-

For students, type:

For teachers, type:  

Not sure what number comes after the user’s last name?   

Users can click on their name in the top corner of any Office application and it will show their Office 365 ID. 

Teachers can also run a report in CSIS to locate Office 365 IDs.  The directions are found here

Contact your local school’s TTIS for additional support. 

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