Slideshows in a Snap? Use Microsoft Photos App!

Microsoft Photos AppIt’s the end of the school year and you have lots of pictures you want to share.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a video highlighting your class, club, sport, band, team, or staff?  Use Microsoft Photos, which is free to use and available on your Cobb County laptop!

Make sure you have saved the photos and/or videos you want to use on your laptop.  Open up the app by going to the lower left corner of your screen and clicking on the Microsoft Windows icon.  Scroll down to the p-section and select Photos.  Log in with Office 365.  Create a new project.  Name it.  Then add the media you want in your video.  Drag and drop them in the space at the bottom.  You can also add motion, text, music and more.  The last step is to download your project.  It will be saved on your local PC in the Pictures folder in a folder named Exported Videos.  Now you’re ready to share!

Need assistance?  Reach out to your local TTIS.  Click here to view a short how-to video.  

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