Back to School with BYOD!

Innovate with BYOD in 2019-2020! The Instructional Technology Department is ready to support teachers and schools with successful implementation of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. BYOD is an initiative that allows students to bring their personal devices to school and use them for educational purposes under the direction of a teacher or administrator.  It is vital for teachers and leaders to collaborate in the planning of a purposeful BYOD program that properly leverages student devices.

Below are several resources to help you plan and implement BYOD at your school:

Cobb BYOD Online Proposal – The proposal form guides teachers and leaders through the building of a successful BYOD program. It should be completed yearly by school administration and submitted prior to implementing BYOD. Click here to access the planning page and when ready, click here to submit your school’s proposal. Only one proposal per school and per year is needed.

BYOD Course for Teachers and Leaders – The Instructional Technology Department offers a self-paced, online BYOD Certification course. Participants may enroll through CTLS Teach. It is recommended that all BYOD teachers complete the course. Click here for directions to enroll.  Want to promote the BYOD certification course at your school?  Click here for a video link to share!

CCSDWireless – CCSDWireless is the BYOD network for staff and students who want to use their personal devices at school. Click here for a video link on how to connect personal devices to the CCSDwireless network. Click here for device-specific directions. 

For onsite support of your BYOD program, contact your local TTIS. We look forward to supporting staff as they use online resources to promote student learning and engagement in the classroom.

Quick Links
BYOD Website
BYOD Course Instructions
BYOD Online Proposal (one per school)
CCSDWireless Page


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