Customize Your File Explorer with SharePoint Sync

Did you know you can access your OneDrive and SharePoint via File Explorer?  

File Explorer allows you to do the traditional File -> Save or Open process directly to various locations. In addition, opening multiple File Explorer windows allows you to drag and drop files from one location to another.  

Find File Explorer on your computer within the yellow file folder on your task bar, and it also appears any time you do a File -> Save or Open selection.  In Cobb, we have traditionally used the File Explorer to easily save and retrieve files from locations like the H-drive and the former T-drive.

Your new teacher laptop has OneDrive Sync Client pre-installed in your File Explorer. With it, you can save directly to your OneDrive via a File -> Save process. SharePoints can also be added to your personalized File Explorer options.  To add a SharePoint, follow the directions found here.  

If you have questions, ask your local Technology Training Integration Specialist.  


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